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The Best Black Ops Cold War SMGs for Warzone

Call of Duty

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Playing a whole lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? Or are you a Modern Warfare loyalist? In the latter case, we salute you, but have nothing more for you and neither does Activision.


You’ve come to the right place though, if you are interested in some BOCW tips. Especially if it’s tips on the weapon arsenal side of the game.

SMGs are considered background noise in most shooters. There’s always the assault rifles and snipers that overshadow the little pests. That’s not the case in Call of Duty. The franchise might be maligned for a lot of things, but it could never be accused of not bringing variety to its weapon meta. A huge part of this is the viability of SMGs.

It’s not a case of “yeah, you could use an SMG here or there”. SMGs are, quite frankly, some of the best guns in the franchise. Our top choice has been considered by many to be overpowered since the days of Activision Blizzard not being a thing.

Why SMGs in Call of Duty are so strong is surprisingly easy to explain: The traditional gameplay within the series is one of non-stop high-pace action. A territory where the quick-firing, fast-moving SMGs thrive upon.

So don’t hesitate in adding one to your loadout. It would do you more good than harm for sure. Especially if you pick one of our top 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War SMGs.

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