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T-Pain's a Call of Duty monster, and serves justice in this viral video...

T-Pain Destroys Racist Call of Duty Players in Viral Twitch Revenge!

Call of Duty
t-pain call of duty racism
T-Pain won't stand for Racism in Call of Duty! (Credit: T-Pain via Chicago Tribune)

T-Pain has been making headlines lately, and now, it's for absolutely destroying a bunch racists in Call of Duty. This T-Pain Call of Duty video has gone crazy viral, and shows not only how cool T-Pain is, but how insanely good he is at Call of Duty. This Call of Duty T-Pain Twitch play is glorious, so let's take a look!

T-Pain, a 35-year-old North American rapper, has got instant revenge during a Call of Duty Twitch stream. Revenge, you ask? Well, yes indeed! Revenge against some racist CoD players who had subjected him to racist abuse. What happened next was insane...

Why Where the CoD Players Racist to T-Pain?

The racist Call of Duty players in T-Pain's latest viral video started harassing him during an online CoD match on Wednesday night. They started shouting racial slurs, such as the 'N-Word' and "F**k Black Lives Matter". Why did they do it? Well, because they are racist [words we cannot repeat online], and they are probably sad and narrow-minded people.

The thing is, though, what T-Pain did in Call of Duty next will be one for the history books...

What Did T-Pain Do To The Racist Call of Duty Players?

T-Pain murdered the Racist Players in Call of Duty, destroying the entire team. While he shoots one, two, three, four, five players, his screams intensify, releasing a fury we hadn't seen from him until this point. Fair enough, these players were...yeah we shouldn't say that word here. It is pretty well summarized here:

I want every single [bleeping] one of them. I want it all. I want it all. I want every part of it. I want the whole thing.

After completely demolishing the entire team, T-Pain continued to yell into the microphone, telling them to "delete the Black skins" from their Call of Duty game. We can assure you that it was pretty fabulous to watch, and true justice served.

t-pain call of duty
T-Pain absolutely destroyed these racist players in Call of Duty! (Credit: HBO / T-Pain)

T-Pain Brings Awareness to Racism Problem in Call of Duty

Players are now praising T-Pain for his work condemning racist Call of Duty Players. Rightfully so, too. Call of Duty has had a racism problem for years, and the T-Pain incident is just one more in a long line of incidents. In 2020, Infinity Ward even issued a statement about Racism in Call of Duty... so it's a pretty big problem!

Anyway, for now, players need to keep destroying the racists, and T-Pain needs to keep being T-Pain. Listen to his latest record, it's great!


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