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Slip of the tongue, or racist?

Did Symfuhny Use the N-Word on Stream? Fact or Fake News?

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Did Symfuhny say a racial slur? Can you even tell? (Credit: Symfuhny)

Famous Warzone-streamer Symfuhny has come under fire for allegedly using the N-Word whilst on-air. The clip, which has now made the rounds on social media, shows Symfuhny speaking to fellow-streamer Myth, and apparently using a racial slur. Did he do it? Well, it depends on who you ask.

It can be very easy to throw your friends under the bus. Especially when you're playing Warzone, and especially when that friend says what sounds like a racial epithet very loudly, and very publicly. Before your friend gets hit by said bus, however, let's slow it all down for a second, and look at what actually happened.

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The first thing that you should really do in this situation is listen to the clip in detail... well, in this case it is a little difficult because the clip is only about four seconds long, and very unclear. Did he say “maybe”, or did he say... something else? We'll pop the clip below, so that you can take a listen and make an informed decision, like an adult.

We're not going to quote him, because we don't know what he said, so it would be disingenuous and inappropriate of us to do so. The thing about this kind of s**t is simply: if we're not sure, how about we give the bloke some of that sweet“benefit of the doubt”... maybe?

It's Warzone, after all, not some political talk-show, and the dude is talking to a friend. That's not to say that if he did say the N-word, it's okay. Spoiler alert: it's not! We don't know if he did, and let's be real, if he did say the word in question, then he has certainly learned his lesson over the last couple of days.

If he did say what he is accused of saying, then those two syllables should haunt him. Perhaps not in the way you're thinking, though. Perhaps he shouldn't be labelled a racist – perhaps he should be labelled something not quite as damning: clueless.

In response to the incident, fellow streamer Myth, the bloke Symfuhny was talking to, addressed the allegations in a clip that... if we're honest, is a little hard to understand. The gist is: even if he did say it, he didn't mean it in offense, oh, and he talks like a 12-year-old. So basically, all streamers, right? Well, at least Myth is being a good friend.

In a surprisingly grown-up move, Symfuhny has taken on the allegations himself, jumping on Twitter, and then onto a stream, to address everything in detail. Whether you believe the guy, or you think that he's full of s**t, at least hear it from the horse's mouth.

Symfuhny not only claims that he did not use the word, but addresses the issue head-on, even going as far as to say that the “it's just a word” argument is rubbish. Believe him if you want, it's not our job to declare fact or fiction.

“I know what the clip sounds like -- I've watched it a hundred times. But I was also there. I can't tell you how to feel, but I can tell you I didn't say the n-word. I don't use the word. It's not in my vocabulary.”

Streaming, gaming, and esports, can all be unforgiving places. It's a shame that this is the case, though, because ultimately, we do all of this because we love it, because it's our passion. The use of racial slurs of any kind is never acceptable, even in jest. Whether Symfuhny did, or did not, is ultimately irrelevant, though. Respect is what's important.


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