Squid Game Loadout in CoD: Warzone

Squid Game Loadout in CoD: Warzone

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Squid Game has taken every part of the world by storm and now, it's time for the Netflix show to find its way to Warzone... at least its weaponry.
Warzone Squid Game Loadout
I know it's not the same weapon, but you try finding a good picture for this article. | © Netflix/Activision

No, you can't play Squid Game in Warzone and no, I did not clickbait you, it literally says loadout and I mean that 100%. There is a Squid Game loadout in Warzone courtesy of someone from TikTok, our all-time favorite platform when it comes to unnecessary things (EarlyGame has one too, just fyi.)

Fortnite already has a Squid Game mode, and we're sure that other games will follow, wanting to jump on the hype and all. In Warzone, that's a little tricker, though. But hey... TikTok is a creative platform and so someone got creative and even though you can't play any of the Squid Game games in CoD, you can kill your enemies with the weapons that the pink guys are carrying.


New challenge @ who can drop the most kills with this class #codwarzone #warzone #cod #meta #squidgame

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Like you can see in the TikTok above, the Warzone Squid Game loadout consists of an MP5 and the Magnum sidearm.

Squid Game Warzone Loadout

MP5 Loadout

  • Barrel: Compensator
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Now, I'm not saying this weapon + sidearm is meta, you probably won’t do well with this loadout, actually, but in case Warzone has gotten way too boring for you anyway, this might be a great way to spice things up for you.

If you're just bad, no matter what weapon you're using, then check out our CoD guides, and maybe you'll get the hang of it before Vanguard releases.

Who knows, maybe Activision will add a Squid Game operator... wouldn't that be kinda cool? I just know they'd make a hell lot of money with that. And now with their Halloween event coming up... it would fit so well. But I guess it's a little too last minute now... maybe in Vanguard's Warzone?

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