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It's amazing, and you should watch it

Saving Private Ryan Meets Warzone With Hilarious Results

Call of Duty
Saving Private Ryan meets Warzone
More fantastic work from the Reddit community. (Credit: Activision Blizzard and Paramount Pictures)

A Redditor dubbed Saving Private Ryan with Warzone Death–Chat recordings and it's hilarious. We've got the video for you right here. 

Warzone's Death–Chat feature is probably up there with some of the best features they've ever brought to the game. If you weren't aware: when you die, the person who killed you can hear your voice comms for a few seconds. Usually, this just means you hear someone furiously cursing for a moment after each kill, but sometimes it produces comedy gold. Thankfully a Redditor took it upon themselves to collect the best of Death–Chat and dub it over the WWII classic Saving Private Ryan. 


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Saving Private Ryan Dubbed Over With Warzone Death–Chat

The Call of Duty community isn't known for being the most sensitive community in the world, so be warned, death is taken very lightly and there is some adult language. Here is the video in all its glory: 

I added my favourite death chats I have recieved to Saving Private Ryan. Thank me later Spielberg from CODWarzone

A special thanks to Reddit user u/elvoggo for that amazing work. We really hope this is only the beginning of a trend, though. So, so much could be done with Warzone's Death–Chat feature.

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