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It's not as arduous as it looks

How To Claim Prime Gaming Bundles For Warzone

Call of Duty
Amazon Gaming Warzone Bundle
The Milano is the redeeming feature, but you can see it's a rather plain blueprint | © Activision Blizzard

Amazon has been promoting Prime Gaming all summer, and they continue this month with blueprints for Warzone. Provided you link your Amazon Prime account to your Activision account, you can redeem this bundle on all platforms. 

A ton of you probably have Amazon Prime, or you know a non-gamer who does, so no excuses. Redeeming this bundle is fairly quick (although it could have been made simpler) and it will net you everything you can see in the image above. 

It looks pretty meh and the M82 is a poor weapon - you might be thinking, but don't sleep on the Milano 821. The above blueprint will give you 3/5 of the attachments needed for the Milano meta-build. And when it's built right, the Milano is easily one of the best sniper supports in the game. 

How Do You Redeem The Prime Gaming Bundle

Step 1 

Go to you'll be asked to sign in to your Amazon account. You can only use Prime Gaming while your Amazon account is subscribed to Prime. 

Step 2

Navigate to "in-game-loot and more", and from there either scroll down or search for 'Call of Duty'. You will find three Call of Duty bundles, all redeemable until October 12. Besides the Bogged Down bundle, you may as well redeem the two World Series bundles while doing this. 

Step 3

Click one of the bundles and you will see 'Claim Now' above individual items, click one of these items, and you'll be redirected to the Call of Duty login page, You can use your Call of Duty login, or your PlayStation, Xbox,, or Steam login. 

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Step 4

Login to your Call of Duty account, or a platform account. You will then be asked to let Prime Gaming access your Activision account, once you agree you'll be redirected to Prime Gaming. 

Step 5

Back at the Prime Gaming page, you will have a final button to click - 'Complete Claim'. Once done you can return to Warzone and you should have these rewards unlocked. 

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