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Playlist Update Brings Back Shipment 24/7! Hallelujah!

Call of Duty
Shipment 24/7

Time to get into some sweet shipment action again! (Image Credit: Activision)

Yesterday evening a new playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone went live again. As requested by the community, Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7 are back again.

The latest playlist update finally brings back some melee action with two community favorites. That, and the M13 gets its first bundle with tracer ammo.


Here are the changes that the update brought to Modern Warfare:

  • What Objective?’ (HQ Firefight, HC Hills and Kills, Domination Deathmatch).
  • Shipment 24/7 is back, baby! Time to level up some weapons or use our troll setup.
  • Shoot House 24/7 – get ready to level up your snipers and get some long-distance kills.
  • Removed Onslaughter, Gunfright – Halloween is over, folks.

The changes to CoD Warzone:

  • Blood Money Quads are back.
  • Warzone Rumble is back as well: A deathmatch mode on the Warzone map. Perfect for all those who are just playing Warzone to level up weapons or those that love the map but hate Battle Royale.
  • Zombie Royale is still available.


Of course, there are new bundles as well, two of which stand out in particular:

The Tracer Pack: Yellow sees the M13 receive Tracer ammo for the first time.

Tracer Pack Yellow

All M13 players finally get some color in their lives. (Image Credit: cod.tracker.gg)

The bundle contains the Sacrosanct blueprint for the M13 and The Anointed blueprint for the ISO, both with yellow tracer ammunition. Additionally, there is a fancy knife, a bacon weapon pendant, a calling card and a sticker.

The Warzone Pro Pack is, in some ways, a starter pack for players who only own Warzone.

Warzone Pro Pack

If you have Modern Warfare anyway, then this is a great deal. (Image Credit: cod.tracker.gg)

Here you receive 2400 credits with which you can buy the next Battle Pass or bundles. You will also receive the Winter Theatre Skin for Ghost, the Klondike Blueprint for the FiNN LMG and the Bonanza Blueprint for the .357 Revolver. On top of that, you will get a Calling Card, an emblem and a Double Weapon XP Token.

Black Ops Cold War will be released next week, on November 13, so if you want to level up a few weapons in Modern Warfare before then, this week is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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