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It was a fierce qualifying round

NYSL's WarzoneMania - Current Tournament Standings

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WarzoneMania - Current Standings
Some of the best players in the world are involved. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

The Esports organization New York Subliners are hosting WarzoneMania, a tournament with a $100,000 prize pool. Last night, a third of the teams were eliminated in qualifiers - the remaining 8 will battle it out this evening in the tournament finale. We've got all the details below.

One of the biggest community Warzone tournaments on the calendar is being played out this week. WarzoneMania is a competition hosted by the NYSL - New York Subliners, and YouTuber JGOD is commentating. The tourney is a Quads kill race played over two days. Yesterday, a third of the original 12 teams were eliminated in qualifiers. The remaining 8 will play again tonight with a chance at winning a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

What Are The Current Standings In WarzoneMania?

EMZ's team, with Fifakill, Smitty, and Warsz, are the current leaders of NYSL's WarzoneMania, and by quite a bit. Teams led by Kalei Renay, Teep, ZLaner, HusKerrs, and SuperDuperKyle were eliminated yesterday. Here are the current points standings for the remaining teams who will go on to the finals:



1Emz, Fifakill, Smitty, Warsz603
2Destroy, Angelat, ClutchBelk, DougisRaw544
3Swagg, SenseiWishem, Booya, Rallied539
4Angelika, Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone537
5Smixie, Almond, Newbz, Legiqn527
6IceManIsaac, Queenshadows, Bbreadman, Exzachtt513
7Ayden, Dani, Scummn, Karma493
8Jukeyz, Fifebyfivex, MuTeX, Metaphor492

How Can You Watch NYSL's WarzoneMania Final?

The final can be watched on the NYSL official twitch channel here. JGOD does commentary so it makes for great watching.

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When Is The NYSL's WarzoneMania Final?

The NYSL's WarzoneMania final begins today, June 8, at 16:00 ET (13:00 PT, 21:00 GMT, 22:00 CEST).

Looks like our Huskerrz prediction was off. At this point, we'll play it safe and be backing EMZ. We'll continue to provide coverage on the tournament so make sure to come back for results and highlights.

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