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Sniper glints don't seem to work as they should...

No Glint Sniper Bug Destroys Warzone

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Warzone No Glint Sniper Bug
The No Glint Sniper Bug is currently delighting many campers in Warzone. (Credit: Activision)

In Warzone, the so-called No Glint Bug causes certain sniper sights to have no reflection. Which weapons and sights are affected, and what are the consequences for Warzone? We'll explain all of this to you right here.

Snipers are part of every shooter, like wheels on a car. Or... sort of, not really to be honest, but just stick with the analogy, okay? In Warzone, snipers are also part of most good meta loadouts. Sniper rifles are the only weapons in Warzone that can kill with a single headshot, even at long range, and are therefore extremely powerful.

warzone zrg 20mm
The latest sniper rifle to join the Warzone arsenal is the ZRG 20mm. (Credit: Activision)

What is Glint?

In order to tone down or balance Sniper Rifles a bit, high zoom sights reflect sunlight. Thus, Snipers can be recognized by the flashing of the visor even at long distances, and can be fought off in this way. If you snipe from ambush at a long distance, then you still have to be on guard, and change your position, as the flashing will give you away. By default, any sight with a magnification of x4 or higher should have this glint. However, that is not the case at the moment...

Which Warzone Weapons And Sights Are Affected by the No Glint Sniper Bug?

All Black Ops Cold War weapons and their sights have no glint, which is clearly more than we would like. The exceptions are the SUSAT Multi-zoom sight, and the standard sight that is on the weapon if you don't select an optic.

Additionally, the old Modern Warfare snipers are affected. Here, however, it's the other way around, as most sights have the glint, except for the variable zoom sights which are affected by the bug. This applies to snipers like HDR, Rytec or AX-50, as well as the popular DMRs Kar98k, and SP-R 208.

YouTuber JGOD explains the bug in detail in his video, and shows the effects:

What Are The Effects of the No Glint Sniper Bug in Warzone?

If you use a sight without glint and without a laser attachment, you are invisible at a distance. Snipers can thus fire at enemies from a great distance, or from hiding places such as houses and bushes in peace and quiet, without giving themselves away by the flash of their visor. Campers in particular will probably jump for joy, thanks to this bug.

Let's hope that Raven Software takes care of the problem quickly. But we all know how fast Warzone takes care of bugs and glitches...

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat, translated from German.