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No more Warzone for Nickmercs

Nickmercs Turned Christian: Done with Shooters!

Call of Duty
NickMercs Quits Playing Warzone Because he turned Christian
NickMercs will no longer be part of the violent Warzone culture. (Credit: NickMercs)

Nickmercs and Call of Duty. Name a more iconic duo. Well... it seems that now this duo will be no more. In a shocking announcement, Nickmercs revealed that he found Christianity and will never play another shooter again. No more Call of Duty.

You read the headline already, but allow us to repeat: Nickmercs has turned Christian and will never play another shooter again. If you're unsure for some reason, yes, Call of Duty is a shooter. Yes, that means Nickmercs will no longer play Warzone.

To commemorate the moment, allow us to link our last Nickmercs pieces:

NickMercs Quits Playing Warzone Because he turned Christian
Due to his faith, NickMercs also promises to lay off the steroids. (Credit: NickMercs)

Why Did Nickmercs Turn Christian?

No one knows. In a since deleted Tweet, Nickmercs simply stated that he's "seen the light and understands that all shooters are evil." Can you say 'unexpected'? We did not see that coming and we, honestly, mourn the loss of Call of Duty's greatest entertainer. Let's have a look at one last Nickmercs highlight reel for old time's sake:

Nickmercs Will Stream Animal Crossing and Change His Name

Beyond the fact that he's done playing shooters, Nickmercs also revealed that he will change his name to Nickmerciful and that he will switch from streaming Call of Duty to streaming Animal Crossing. We reached out for comment and got the following from Nick via WhatsApp:

I just feel like I've been blind, but now I see, you know? All this shooting and clowning and clamouring for headshots... what even is that? I read the Holy Book yesterday and now I don't even recognize that person anymore. Warzone, you say? Ewww, I say.

We don't have much more than that, but as this story develops, we will surely keep you updated. If you want to follow Nickmerciful's new Twitch channel, you can do so here. Just be aware, that Nick's traded in guns for hoes. The man's a farmer now.

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