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Fifth time's the charm?

Warzone Stim Glitch Returns for the Fifth Time!

Call of Duty
Warzone Stim Glitch is here for the fifth time
Not relevant to the stim glitch, but the picture looks cool. (Credit: Infinity Ward)

You remember the Stim Glitch in Warzone? The one that got fixed? Yeah... it's back. For the fifth time. Yay.

It seems that with every passing day, we get a new Warzone glitch. Honestly, the frequency of these is getting ridiculous. Just look at this:

Look at it! What is this! Do I need to type in all caps? DO I REALLY!?

All that is just from the last two weeks too! Now, the stim glitch has returned to Warzone for the fifth (!) time. For whatever reason, the devs simply can't get rid of it and players keep finding new ways to glitch the system. The news broke via CharlieINTEL, as per usual:

The stim glitch has taken on many shapes and forms in the past, but the newest exploit appeared on Reddit recently. It allows you to throw a grenade at a wall, pick it up, then activate night vision goggles to result in unlimited stims. Actually, why are we writing all this, just watch the thing:

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker... from CODWarzone

Now if you're one of those multiplayer-only dudes or dudettes that gets sweaty and tryhard, you, a) probably don't even mind the glitch and are abusing it yourself and, b) you might not know that the night vision goggles thing is extra weird: The night vision goggles are only meant to be available in the campaign. How the player got the goggles to work, we don't know. Guess it's the endless wonders of a cheater's mind...

Warzone stim glitch
Who else is entertained by the fact that the lubricant oil is called 'Mack'? (Credit: Infinity Ward)

Currently, the latest iteration of the stim glitch seems to be PC-only, but you can 100% expect those cheaters to get on their little cheater messaging boards and exchange ideas on how to ruin other people's games. To be fair though, night vision goggles are a PC exclusive, so maybe we will never see this glitch on consoles at all.

Activision. Infinity Ward or even Treyarch at this point... for the mighty F's sake: Can somebody do something? Do I need to remind you of CDPR? Do I have to call the Polish government? DO I REALLY!?

Patch this before it ruins everybody's weekend, please.

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