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By now, the glitch almost belongs.

Warzone Stim Glitch is Back for the 5th Time

Call of Duty
Warzone Stim Glitch
The good ol' Stim Glitch just won't leave us alone. (Credit: Activision)

Warzone has long been plagued by countless bugs and glitches. One of them has already appeared, and been fixed several times. Now it's back: the Warzone Stim Glitch.

Oh well, what else is there to say? The good ol' Stim Glitch keeps appearing in the game time and time again. Perhaps it's never going away... This is now the fifth time we've seen it and you could almost think that the glitch is a feature and not a bug. We have already reported on the bug, and its various fixes, several times in the past:

The last time the stim glitch appeared in the game was the end of January, and pretty much screwed up every match for the few honest Warzone players. Now, ModernWarzone have posted that it is back again.

What is the Stim Glitch?

There are really still players who don't know? Okay, in a nutshell: the glitch allows the infinite use of tactical gadgets, such as smoke or stun grenades, but also stim syringes. With the stim syringe, it is thus possible to stay in the gas for an infinite amount of time, since you can heal yourself throughout.

In order to not add more to the problem, we won't explain how you can cause activate the glitch. If you are really so dishonorable as to exploit Warzone glitches, you will find a way... 

Will Raven Software Fix the Stim Glitch?

There is bad news for all cheaters and exploit users out there: Raven Software are aware of the renewed stim glitch, and are already working on a solution.

By now, they should actually know how the glitch works, and what to do about it – at least, we hope they do.... It surely can't be that, after a year, the same glitch is still constantly screwing up the game.


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Original article was written by Lukas Ballat.