New Warzone Parachute Glitch | EarlyGame
Let the winds carry you away… or down to the ground. Would be nice.

New Warzone Parachute Glitch

Call of Duty
Call of Duty Warzone Parachute Glitch
IT'S GOING DOWN FOR REAL! (Credit: Activision)

Another day, another Call of Duty Warzone glitch. What's new, right? This one, however, will make you laugh, rather than angry.

Let’s be real here, the number of glitches and bugs that we’ve had to endure in Warzone are too many to count. And let’s not even get into the ridiculous amount of cheaters that make this game unplayable at this point.

But now, a glitch has been discovered that actually manages to make us laugh for once.

Haven't seen this one before from CODWarzone

Why fly to the ground with your parachute, when you can just take it on a nice little walk? It’s not like you’ll be the dessert of every other player seeing you like this, right? Because with this glitch, it takes forever to get down to the ground!

Anyways, with all the other glitches and bugs that we’ve had to deal with in Warzone, this is definitely not one of the worst we’ve had. Sure, this might get you killed instantly - but so will a hacker with an aimbot, so who really cares at this point, right?

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