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Come on WW2 Vanguard, prove the haters wrong!

5 Things We Want From The New Warzone Pacific Map

Call of Duty
Warzone Pacific Map
The last time Call of Duty went to the Pacific theatre of WW2 was in World at War from 2008 | © Activision

Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard is bringing a new Warzone map, reportedly bigger than Verdansk, and set in the Pacific. We're hyped about it, so here are the top 5 things we want to see from the new Warzone map

While many of the keenest Warzone players are satisfied with the current state of the game – the 'no meta' meta is worth applauding Raven for - a lot of others have unfortunately fallen off the Warzone wagon from lack of content. Incremental changes to Verdansk just aren't enough for a lot of fans. Luckily for such players, WW2 Vanguard will be introducing a new Pacific map to Warzone. Needless to say, we were excited when we heard the news. This is our wishlist for that new map. 

The New Pacific Warzone Map Wishlist 

5. Swimming 

Look, very few shooters have made dinghies fun. We know that. But if we are getting a 'Pacific WW2' map, then we are almost certainly getting a series of Japanese islands - at the very least the new map will have a large coastline. So the current system, whereby all areas of water are considered out of bounds, needs to change. We need to be able to fall in and still have a chance of swimming to shore. 

4. Verticality 

This will be much harder to achieve in a WW2 context than it was for the creation of Verdansk. There might be a small island town with a building a few stories tall, but really nothing compared to Downtown. The new map needs to make up for that with accessible treetops and small mountains. This is so important for sniping, and sniping is such a popular way to play that, love it or hate it, the new Warzone Pacific map needs to facilitate it.

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3. A Wider Range Of Vehicles

Vehicles have always been a huge part of the Warzone experience, and it's not just that the choppers and the SUVs can help you get from A to B, it's that they're really fun. There are some great skins and horns to get from the Battlepass each season, and obviously most satisfying of all - some amazing mixtapes to pop on the radio. 

So with this new Pacific Warzone map, we'd like to see a ton of different vehicles - just like they've done with Outbreak. They don't need to be strong, in fact, they shouldn't be, but we want every variety they can make in time for release, from prop planes to half-tracks, and everything in between.   

2. Tunnels

This one is sure to be controversial, and in all likelihood, some people will have been triggered by the suggestion of tunnels beneath the map. But they are such a significant feature of Japanese defenses in the Pacific theater that it would be strange for them to be absent. If done well, they could produce thrilling, atmospheric play - just imagine running away from the gas in a tunnel. Surely a terrifying experience. 

1. Destruction, Destruction, Destruction 

One thing that certainly feels absent from Verdansk, though I suppose most players have accepted it by now, is the lack of destruction. This is a great opportunity for Call of Duty to learn from Battlefield: give us large–scale map destruction in the new Warzone Pacific mapThis could give launchers a new lease of life, forcing squads to play more dynamically rather than relying on a single, strong position. And it's just absolutely badass to destroy whole buildings. 

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