Activision are yet to confirm it, but we're not yet to love it!

New Warzone Map Leaks: Why the Ural Mountains Excite Us!

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Co D BOCW Yamantau Mountain

A new Warzone map in the Ural Mountains would be perfect for incredible high-octane encounters! (Credit: Activision)

With the launch of Season 1 bringing together Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, we have been hanging out to discover what's coming next. The latest is a series of leaks and rumors that perhaps we could be seeing the Ural Mountains as the next Warzone map. This is why that idea excites us...

We know what you’re thinking: but Season 1 had a new Warzone Map? Rebirth Island! Yes, yes, we know. The thing is that many of us, and many of you, are a tad disappointed. Rebirth Island is a totally different experience to Verdansk, which is not an innately bad thing, but it didn’t quite hit the spot.

BOCW Chopper

Imagine the chopper action we could get in an Ural Mountains map in Warzone! (Credit: Activision)

Don’t get us wrong, we love the fast-paced action, the close quarters strategy, and the various secrets hidden across the island. It is also super beautiful (when it isn’t exploding), and the inclusion of guns from Black Ops Cold War adds some great changes to the Warzone experience. The thing just isn’t Warzone!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War dropped back in November, and we have enjoyed our time with it. There are some fantastic multiplayer maps, the gunplay is perfection, and there are some things to truly celebrate about it. It’s the standard Call of Duty formula, just taken up to the max! The thing is, Warzone isn’t your usual Call of Duty game.

Rebirth Island feels, at times, more like a giant Black Ops Cold War map than a small Warzone map. That is not bad, because both games are great, but it is a bit out of place. Lots of long-time Warzone players are struggling to adapt to the new style, and that’s not the most fabulous thing ever, you know?

That’s where these new rumors come in. We covered them in an earlier article, and detailed exactly what the rumors entail, and why we think they could be credible – but that’s not what we’re here for today. Today, we are here to explain why a map like the rumored Ural Mountains grinds our gears more than a Mercedes Benz (okay, we’re not car people, this probably doesn’t make any sense)!

A KFC Console!? Well, we do love some crispy chicken!

The idea is, in essence, a mash together of a couple of multiplayer maps from Cold War that are set in the Ural Mountains – a real-world mountain range in Western Russia. It would, clearly, be fleshed out into a full-scale Verdansk-style map and we’re here to say: THAT. WOULD. BE. AWESOME!

This setting would be absolutely perfect for a twist on the Warzone formula. It would be vast, spanning across an incredible and huge mountain range, and could be easily packed full of content, villages, and secrets. Everyone loves the couple of mountains in the north of Verdansk – imagine a huge Battle Royale map like that!

Perhaps they could even add it to the top of Verdansk? Make the map even huger! That could be awesome, though it could also be a bit too big. Either way, we love the idea of gliding into such a magnificent and stunning mountain range, taking on our friends and foes in a varied landscape even more impressive than Verdansk.

The two maps in Black Ops Cold War that feature the Ural Mountains have a cool selection of mechanics quite similar to Warzone (another hint, perhaps?), and they work super f**king well! Thus, this begs a very simple question about this idea: what’s not to love?


For more gaming and esports news, stick to EarlyGame. What do you think about the Ural Mountains? Are you as excited about this idea as we are? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook, and check out our YouTube channel!

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