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Is the Ural Mountains map finally confirmed?

New Warzone Map Leaked: Ural Mountains Confirmed?

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We have been talking about the Ural Mountains for ages. Has this new Warzone map leak confirmed it? (Credit: Activision)

A new Warzone map leak has revealed footage of an Ural Mountains Warzone map. With Verdansk '84 having been introduced with Season 3, could we really be getting a new Ural Mountains map in Warzone anytime soon? We take a look at the new Warzone map leak, is it legit, and if so, what can we expect from the Ural Mountains Warzone map, and when?

A recent Call of Duty leak broke the news of a full Ural Mountains map in the works – or perhaps even finished – for Warzone. The CheeseBurger Boys released footage of the new Warzone Ural Mountains map on Twitter, but it was consequently taken down after a copyright strike. Well, that seems suspicious, doesn't it? Let's take a look at the new Warzone map leak...

We have been talking about a possible new Warzone Ural Mountains map for a very long time now – and so far, it has been to no avail. Here is everything we know so far, to get you up to date:

New Warzone Map Leaked: Is the Ural Mountains Confirmed?

The new Ural Mountains Warzone map has not been confirmed, but it is very suspicious that the leak was copyright-striked. It begs the question: what are they hiding from us? Is this a legit leak? Well, The CheeseBurger Boys have a pretty good track record, and that footage seemed pretty legit. Sadly we can't share it with you due to the copyright strike, but holy guacamole – it's got our senses tingling!

When the new Warzone map leaked, the video showed a player scavenging for items, and exploring the map. The biggest clue that this was a new Ural Mountains Warzone map was in the mini-map: Battery, Sanatorium, Mines, Ruka, and Golova were clearly visible. If that's not an insanely strong hint, we're not really sure what is. Come on, Raven Software, this is what everyone wants!

Is there a new Warzone Map coming in Season 4?

The Ural Mountains map will probably not come in Warzone Season 4, however, leaks do suggest that we will be seeing a small new Warzone map. Possibly part of Verdansk '84, the above tweet from popular leaker Zesty revealed a new Warzone map leaked in the game files. The "mp_wz_island" references suggest a possible island that could be placed off the shore of Verdansk '84.

Look, it's no Ural Mountains, but we will always get hyped for new Warzone map content. We expect that perhaps the Warzone Ural Mountains map could come out later this year – maybe to coincide with the Modern Warfare 3 remaster, or something similar? However, Warzone Season 4 is already proven to be adding lots, and a small island accessible off Verdansk '84's coast could add a lot to the experience! A boat, anybody?

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