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New Warzone Map Set in the 1980's LEAKED!

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Yesterday, the Warzone Season 2: Reloaded update went live, and apparently it contains more than the patch notes suggest. Now, a new Warzone map has been found, apparently set in Verdansk during the 1980s. Here's all the info!

Just yesterday, we took a look at the Warzone Season 2: Reloaded patch notes for you. We also already reported about new killstreaks that were found by data miners shortly after. Now, it seems that a new Warzone map has appeared as well, and we're looking at all the info on it.

warzone nuke event 1980s map
It looks like the Nuke Event will send Verdansk back to the 1980s! (Credit: Activision)

New Warzone Map

A short promotional video appeared on Twitter yesterday, that gave a glimpse of the new Warzone map. Since it was obviously an accident, the video has already been removed again. But you know the internet doesn´t forget...

First glimpse at 80's Verdansk from CODWarzone

What is the Setting of the New Warzone Map?

The new Warzone Map seems to be a 1980s version of Verdansk. In the video, we see familiar locations from Verdansk, like the stadium, the dam, or the airport. However, all the locations have been changed and virtually taken back in time. The stadium, for example, exists only as a half-finished construction site.

We could well imagine Verdansk being set back in time after the Nuke Event. After all, the zombies have been spreading for quite some time, and we all know the anomalies from Black Ops Cold War's zombie mode. Maybe, the nuclear explosion will trigger a huge anomaly that will catapult us back to the 1980s...

When Will the New Warzone Map Release?

It's hard to say, but we expect the map to come after the Nuke Event, which should probably be around the start of Season 3. So, get ready for a late April release date!

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.