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Two New Perks Are Coming to Warzone!

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There are two new perks coming to Warzone! | © Activision

Raven Software have teased two new perks coming exclusively to Warzone in the coming weeks. Little is known yet, but we have all the details right here. Here are the two new perks coming to Warzone, everything we know, speculation, and more. 

Holy cow, the great news just keeps coming today, doesn't it? The more you dive into the patch notes for Warzone Season 4: Reloaded, the more you find, and most of it is building Warzone up from the ashes of that disastrous BOCW integration back in December 2020! Anyway, Raven Software have teased two new Warzone-exclusive perks, and we've got all the information right here!

How are you enjoying Season 4: Reloaded? We're really digging it! Here's everything you need to know thus-far...

Two New Warzone Perks Are Coming

Raven Software have teased two new Warzone-exclusive perks in their Season 4: Reloaded, or Update 1.39, Patch Notes. In the Gameplay section of the patch notes, Raven Software stated that they are planning to debut two new "Warzone-specific perks". If that doesn't convince you to be excited, we don't know what will... maybe the full statement?

We are excited to share that we are planning the debut of two new Warzone-specific Perks. Alongside them, High Alert will also be receiving an update that allows players to hear Dead Silent footsteps.
Until then, we may see a Weapon make its long-awaited debut in Verdansk. ;)

Hang on, what? We are getting two new Warzone perks? And a new weapon? What's more, a new "long-awaited" weapon? What could this be? Surely not the OTs 9? I mean, that is a pretty beloved weapon, but we already knew that it was coming in the mid-season update, so why would they say this? It all seems a bit bizarre, to be honest. The High Alert update is pretty great news, though...

What Are the Two New Warzone Perks?

We don't know any details about the two new Warzone Perks, apart from what was shared in the Patch Notes. Literally nothing. Since this teaser is so fresh, there aren't even any leaks about the possible new perks from popular Twitter leakers, nor are there many theories online. All we can say for certain is that these two new perks will be Warzone exclusive, and thus will not find their way into Black Ops Cold War. Let's be honest: we're not going to complain about that.

We have to admit that we're pretty hyped, and considering how fantastic Warzone Season 4: Reloaded is, and the fact that they have already teased two new Warzone-exclusive perks, we can't wait to see what Raven Software have in store for us next!

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