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This confirmation comes as a Sledgehammer to CoD!

New Call of Duty 2021 Confirmed by Activision!

Call of Duty
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Activision has confirmed a Call of Duty main-line game for 2021. (Credit: Activision)

An investor call with Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty 2021 is coming, confirming what we all already suspected. This confirmation follows weeks of speculation, which culminated in some major leaks at the beginning of February.

Well, there are no surprises here: Call of Duty 2021 has been CONFIRMED! That's right, confirmed! We'll be jumping into a new CoD game this year, but we still don't know very much about it. In a meeting with Investors, Activision has noted that it has a development team working on a new 'premium’ experience for the franchise.

But Who Will Develop This Bad Boy?

This much is still not clear, and was not divulged in the call. However, deducing from Call of Duty's past decade, and the three-year development cycle since 2014, it could very well be Sledgehammer Games. This has been a pretty solid reality, though 2020's entry from Treyarch did break the cycle.

However, that doesn't mean our friends over at Sledgehammer are out of the picture – Call of Duty: WW2 was damn solid, after all. The only reason they didn't release a CoD game in 2020 was that they reportedly didn't get on with Raven Software. Treyarch was told by Activision that their next CoD would have to release a year earlier than anticipated, which could explain the disappointing Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War
Black Ops Cold War was not originally slated for 2020, and had a year less development time than originally expected. (Credit: Activision)

The confirmation is exciting, and we are super confident in the idea of Sledgehammer's return, but not enough is known yet to really clarify much. We don’t know the development studio, the setting, the concept, or anything really – other than that it exists. We imagine more details will not be available for another four or five months, unless something leaks or is teased in Warzone.

Speaking of Warzone, one other thing WAS confirmed in the investor call. Activision let us all know that Warzone will continue to grow with whatever 2021's CoD game will be. Basically, Warzone will be “central” to the franchise for a long time to come. Let's be real, this isn't too unexpected either!

We ain't complaining, though. Warzone is fantastic, though a little troubled for the last few months. Its integration with Black Ops Cold War has been a bit of a disaster, so we hope that those mistakes are not repeated when Call of Duty 2021 eventually hits store shelves. We expect it to be released in the usual late-October, early-November launch window.

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