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Now that's not nice, Meyers

NBA Star Screams Anti-Semitic Slurs During Call of Duty Stream

Call of Duty
Meyers Leonard went all anti-Semitic during a Call of Duty stream
Meyers Leonard may be sitting alone quite a lot after shouting anti-Semitic slurs on live stream. (Credit: Meyers Leonard)

NBA player Meyers Leonard has embraced video game streaming and has been an overall breath of fresh air, bridging the gap between sports and gaming. Now, the Miami Heat player has become a pariah overnight after spouting violent anti-Semitic slurs while streaming Call of Duty.

Ok, for those unfamiliar with the NBA, we must admit: Meyers Leonard is no star. He is a role player (reserve) at best, but he is an established veteran in the best basketball league in the world and has a decent following on his streams. Imagine the shock of both sides when he was caught shouting anti-Semitic slurs during one of those streams.

Meyers Leonard's Call of Duty Stream Goes All Anti-Semitic on Us

Whoever's played any version of Call of Duty online knows of the toxicity in the lobbies. Let's not pretend we haven't heard all of the naughty words thrown around in all directions, regardless of if they even make any damn sense. Still, rules are a bit different when you're a public figure and Meyers Leonard done messed up big time while keeping the Call of Duty lobby spirit alive.

The NBA player likes to stream and has been doing so more and more since the COVID pandemic started last spring. One of his latest streams might have spelled his streaming career and maybe even his basketball career's doom.

The 7' Miami Heat center was mad after being sniped down in Call of Duty: Warzone and as we so often do when we are mad, he yelled "you fucking kike bitch" loud and proud during the stream. Wait... what? We don't actually do that, as it turns out, and Mr. Leonard is now in big trouble.

As soon as the news broke Meyers Leonard offered the traditional "I will strive to fight against what I just did" apology, aka the "I'm sorry I got caught" apology, but that might not save his NBA status.

Meyers Leonard
Meyers Leonard released the default apology after screwing up on social media. (Credit: Meyers Leonard)

The league has launched an investigation on the matter and Leonard's team - the Miami Heat, have suspended him indefinitely, presumably until said investigation is over.

What exactly are the Heat and the NBA investigating isn't quite clear. The recording is there, Meyers Leonard is not denying it. You must just decide whether you're okay with one of your endorsers, cause that's what NBA players are in practice, screaming "fucking kike bitch" in people's (virtual) faces. That's all there is to it, NBA. No more, no less.

Posted by Miami Heat on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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