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The bookies favourite came out on top last night

Aydan, Huskerrs & Rated Win NA Trios At The Warzone World Series

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Warzone World Series – Trios Event
That must have been the highest average k/d lobby ever put together... | © Activision Blizzard

The Warzone World Series NA Trios event concluded just hours ago. It was an exciting and fiercely fought evening across Verdansk. Aydan, Huskerrs, and Rated - one of the favourite teams going into the tournament - came out on top after six games. And FaZe Swagg won the Captains event for fielding the most successful teams. 

The Warzone calendar is really heating up this Summer. Some of the best players in the world have been competing in back-to-back tournaments in recent weeks. Vikkstar's Showdown Series was shortly followed by NYSL's Warzone Mania, and now, the biggest of three, the Warzone Showdown Series has begun. This is an official event and Call of Duty have put down $1.2 million for the prize pool. The prize pool is split between four events, and the first of those - the trios competition - was concluded just hours ago. We've got all the details below. 


Who Won The Warzone World Series NA Trios Event? 

Ayden, Huskerrs, and Rated won the North American Trios event of the Warzone World Series with an unbelievable 121.5 points, beating out Repullze, Luckychamu, and SuperEvan on 108.5 points. While they may have been the runners-up, SuperEvan was our man of the match with an incredible 49 kills. That put him at over 5.44 k/d, which is all the more astounding when you remember the skill level of the lobby.

Faze Swagg won the Captain's competition. In case you've forgotten the World Series format, five captains draft ten teams each and the combined score of those ten teams makes up a 'Captain's score'. It was a big night for Ayden who came second as a Captain with 610 points but Faze Swagg walked away with a combined total of 619.5. 

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When Are The Next Warzone World Series Events? 

The next event will be the EU Trios event for the Warzone World Series - we don't have a date yet but expect one in the coming days. Following that event will be the EU Duos Warzone Event, and then the NA Duos Warzone Event. We'll keep you posted. 

Even if the competition is over there was some fantastic play, and it bears rewatching.

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