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Winning never sounded so good!

Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle Added to Warzone

Call of Duty
Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle
Yes, this is not a joke! It is actually in CoD. (Credit: Activision)

A rather hilarious bundle has just been added to the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War store. It has to be the whackiest assault rifle skin in Call of Duty thus far. Enter from stage left, the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle. Let’s take a look at what the heck is going on with this crazy skin.

This tweet is really the only way we can describe this frankensteined FFAR skin. It is half keyboard-guitar and half assault rifle and honestly, what the frick?

I never thought CoD had a sense of humor until now! But alas, here we are! Even Dr Disrespect can't believe this is real.

What does the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle Contain?

Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle items
Can I like actually buy that watch? (Credit: Activision)

Quite a few items await you if you purchase this bundle:

  • Shredder Skin for FFAR
  • Amped Up Skin for the Diamatti
  • Rock Star Operator
  • Soul Searcher Watch Skin
  • Center Stage Vehicle Skin
  • Super Disco Charm
  • Battle Shredder Emblem
  • Cultural Export Calling Card

How Much Does the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle Cost?

This master class bundle will run you 2400 CP which roughly translates into about $20 USD. If you are a meme true lord, then this bundle is for you. Actually, it is not that bad of a deal because it comes with 2 weapon skins, an Operator skin, and a pretty cool vehicle skin. We can think of only a few better ways to spend a 20 dollar bill.

Come on let's be honest here! This is so strange to see in CoD. Just look at that Rockstar Operator doing his best Jimi Hendrix impression as he shreds his Assult-Rifle-Keyboard-Guitar on a stage in front of screaming fans. Yes, this is Warzone we are talking about and not Fortnite. A game that literally dispenses with any sense of realism at every possible moment is getting its run for its money with this latest CoD skin.

To actually shred your keyboard in-game you need to inspect the weapon to trigger the animation leaving us with this burning question: Can other players hear you play the music?

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