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Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War?

Which MP5 Should You Use In Warzone Post-Patch?

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Which MP5 Post-Patch?
These two remain ever-popular, but can the ol' MW warhorse still hold its own? | © Activision Blizzard

Raven Software implemented the most widespread weapons balance patch in Warzone history last week. Almost everything was nerfed to raise the TTK and the community has been left scrambling to discover the new meta. We wanted to begin our search with SMGs, returning to an age-old argument: is the BOCW MP5 or the MW version better? Here's the answer post-patch

The BOCW MP5 and the MW MP5 have been battling it out in the eyes of the community for a long time. They've always been top tier, and I'll spoil this much already - they're still well within the meta. But this recent patch nerfed the BOCW MP5 (thought to be the slightly stronger weapon of the two pre-patch). Specifically, the BOCW MP5 has had the following changes:

Maximum Damage decreased from 33 to 31
Minimum Damage decreased from 25 to 24  

So have these nerfs been enough? Is the MW version of the MP5 the better of the two now?  


Comparing Stats: BOCW MP5 vs. MW MP5 

Here's a breakdown of the current stats for the two MP5s:

Category Black Ops Cold War: MP5Modern Warfare: MP5
Torso DMG 31-2434-22
Rate Of Fire800 rpm856 rpm
Time To Kill561-701 ms525-825 ms
Max Damage Range 9m9.5m
Bullet Velocity350 m/s - 675 m/450 m/s - 675 m/s
Aim Down Sight 217 ms200 ms
Recoil Almost no horizontal recoil but a far more pronounced and intense vertical recoil than the MW MP5Slightly up and to the right. 

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Which MP5 Is Better Now? 

While the Black Ops Cold War MP5 is still going to be a little more impressive at range, we think the Modern Warfare MP5 is the optimal pick for most players. Especially because, as an SMG, the weapon should only be used for CQC anyway, so the BOCW MP5's advantages aren't as relevant. No, instead we think the MW MP5 is stronger for its short-range potential and significantly easier to control recoil. 

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