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Well, that's not so surprising...

Modern Warfare More Popular on Twitch Than BOCW

Call of Duty
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It seems that Modern Warfare is still more popular on Twitch than BOCW, and no one's surprised. (Credit: Activision)

Modern Warfare is still the more popular game on Twitch, even months after Black Ops Cold War launched back in November of 2020. Could the newer game be so bad that people are already abandoning it for the 2019 edition of Activision's annual money-horde? Well... that might certainly be the case!

Since the news came out that BOCW is still losing out to Modern Warfare on Twitch, it has become increasingly clear that the game does not have nearly the same legs as its 2019 counterpart. We don't feel like that is so surprising, considering the numerous problems the game has, including a still-lackluster multiplayer mode.

bocw modern warfare more popular twitch
Well, with a poster like this, it is hardly a surprise BOCW is struggling so much... (Credit: Activision)

If a multiplayer mode in Call of Duty is lackluster... then what is the point of the game? After all, that's the main attraction, right? Yes, BOCW has the series' best Zombies mode, sure. The thing is, who cares? Its multiplayer is bizarrely boring, and even more bizarrely, features completely broken skill-based matchmaking.

The latter is perhaps the reason for the game's poor performance on Twitch, but with more streamers moving to new-gen consoles, perhaps the game is broken on the Xbox Series X especially, is also a factor. Oh, and then there is the whole "Black Ops Cold War is a downgrade from Modern Warfare" thing – that's probably not helping either!

It is somewhat odd, though, that BOCW is not even close. Modern Warfare didn't even get a Season 7 and has had no proper new content for a really long time now. Despite this, the numbers speak for themselves... At the time of writing:

  • Modern Warfare: 16,500 approximate viewers on Twitch
  • Black Ops Cold War: 9800 approximate viewers on Twitch

Those numbers were based on metrics from TwitchTracker. Still, that's legitimately almost double the viewers. Absolutely insane, if you ask us. Modern Warfare was definitely the better game, though. So it kind-of deserves the fame, if you ask us. Hopefully CoD 2021 will be a little less awful. No promises, though...

If you like statistics, then you're a weirdo, but here are some. The 16.5K? That's still only 0.562% of the global share of Twitch Streamers. Not very much, is it? Well, no, but BOCW has 0.333%. Now, THAT is dismal. That is literally one-third of a percent. Step your game up, guys, step your game up...


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