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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Remaster Leak: Release Date This Year!

Call of Duty

Imagine this, but in 4K and with an 11 year old screaming through your headset. Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Remastered Leaks

Modern Warfare 2 might be getting a multiplayer remaster! Apparently, the 4K remaster will still be released this year! Are you hyped yet? Let's look at the details:

Call of Duty loves releases. The more CoDs, the better. Some say, they are shamelessly milking the franchise. Others... are fanboys. Still, we can't help but be hyped about a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster because that's arguably the best multiplayer in the franchise.

Mw2 Leak

Take us back please – we will never complain about CoD again. Ok... we can't promise that. (Credit: Activision)

It only makes sense, since Modern Warfare already got its remaster. Why not remaster the sequel as well? After all, back in December, the final Warzone cutscene already teased at Modern Warfare 2:

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Release Date: This Year!

According to a leak on Reddit (which originated on 4chan), the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster is well underway and will come along with the campaign mode from Modern Warfare 3. The latter will not get its multiplayer mode remastered, instead we will get said multiplayer remaster of MW2 only.

Don't freak out yet, calm down: This does not mean that Warzone or Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer will not be supported. They will exist along with the remastered Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. As for the release date: The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster will allegedly be released around May to July. Maps like Terminal and Highrise will return and there will be a beta before the actual release date.

Lastly, the remastered MW2 multiplayer will not feature loot boxes, but will come with a Battle Pass system instead.

This being a leak, it is obviously not confirmed, but it does make perfect sense.

It fits in well with another leak by Tom Henderson, which states that Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are working on two separate projects. The Tom Henderson rumor alleges that Sledgehammer will release the new 2021 Call of Duty this year. At the time, we didn't know what Infinity Ward are working on. We rumored that they might be working on a different CoD project and that we might get two Call of Duty releases this year.

Well... it seems that the second Call of Duty release this year will be the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster.


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