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The Warzone MOAB really is the Mother of all Bundles... if it's real!

Warzone MOAB Battle Pass Bundle: Release Date, Price & Content

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Warzone MOAB Battle Pass Bundle
The MOAB Bundle is the 'Mother of all Bundles'. (Source: Activision Blizzard)

A new MOAB Bundle has just appeared in the Warzone Companion App Store. What is the Mother of All Bundles, and why does it cost an insane 10,000 CP? We take a look at the Warzone MOAB Bundle, it's release date, contents, and more...

The MOAB Battle Pass Bundle recently appeared in the Warzone Companion App, but it's just being teased (or leaked) for now, and is not available for purchase. So what is this curious MOAB bundle anyway?


What is in the Warzone MOAB Battle Pass Bundle?

The Mother of All Bundles contains all content from the Battle Passes released during the Modern Warfare era, according to leaks. That would mean that, with the purchase of the MOAB Bundle alone, you would get all Battle Pass content from Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 1-6.

As the screenshot featured in this tweet suggests, however, the items you get with the MOAB Battle Pass can only be equipped in Warzone and Modern Warfare – but not in Black Ops Cold War.

How Much Does the MOAB Battle Pass Bundle cost?

The MOAB Battle Pass Bundle is currently listed for 10,000 CP, which is about $100 USD. That sounds ridiculous at first glance, but if you consider that the Battle Pass costs 1000 CP each season (around $10), and you then have to unlock grind 100 levels to get all the content, that's not such a bad deal. You'll be getting a huge amount of operator skins, gun blueprints, and other cosmetics per every $1 USD you have spent!

What's the MOAB Battle Pass Bundle Release Date?

The MOAB will likely not release at all, despite leaks originally suggesting that would come out around the launch of Warzone Season 3: Reloaded or Season 4. We originally reported that the the Warzone MOAB would come out last week, on or around May 15. It turns out that we were wrong, and prolific leaker COD Tracker has reported much differently...

The store describes the Warzone MOAB Battle Pass Bundle as "available soon", but when they tease items like this, it usually means that it will be available by the end of the week, maybe with the weekly playlist update. The sad fact is that the MOAB Bundle has lived in the game files for years, was leaked onto the Warzone Companion App, and is pretty unlikely to be a real thing... Sorry, folks.

What do you think of making content from previous seasons available? Would you get the MOAB Battle Pass Bundle, if it turns out to be legit? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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