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Mina Mendes' latest Warzone Tournament gave out some hefty cash!

Mina Mendes Warzone Tournament Makes Aydan Even Richer

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aydan warzone highest earner
Aydan is now Warzone's highest earning player! (Credit: Aydan / Activision)

HusKerrs has been dethroned as Warzone's highest earner this week, with Aydan overtaking him due to a significant win in Mina Mendes' Warzone Tournament over the weekend. The win is a milestone, as Aydan becomes the new Warzone kingpin.

It seems that, once again, video games have become a solid way to earn pretty damn decent cash. In other words: win a game of Warzone, earn more than $3500 USD. Pretty sweet deal, isn't it? Well, Aydan would certainly agree, having now become Warzone's highest earner!

The Mina Mendes Warzone Tournament scored Aydan this top spot, after catapulting him over the $140,000 USD benchmark that would see him become the top earner. Sound pretty nuts? Well, it is!

The previous high-earner was Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas, who found himself in the top spot back in October 2020, when he became the first Warzone Player to have earned more than $100,000 USD. Wouldn't that be nice? At that stage, the game had only been out for seven bloody months!

aydan warzone top player
Who wouldn't want $140,000 for playing video games? (Credit: Aydan / Activision)

The meteoric rise is an insane achievement, with his winning of the $12K Mina Mendez 2v2 tournament – along with teammate Rhys "Rated" Price – taking him over the top. Upon realizing, the new Kingpin expressed his surprise on-stream.

Dude, I can’t believe we’re No. 1 earned. Holy s**t. Man,I didn’t think I’d ever be here to be honest, because HusKerrs was above me by f**king a lot.

What's especially wild is that this team of crazy humans have won basically every f**king Warzone match that they have played since the Season 2 update. Most of these games have been 2v2, but that is rather irrelevant because it actually ensures a better balanced game. 

Oh, and Mina Mendes herself took to Twitter to congratulate him:

How sweet! HusKerrs might be a tad disappointed, but oh well. He has still earned more than $100K playing f**king video games, we're not too sad for him. It is a crazy world we live in, where people can earn so much from simply playing games... but hey, sports has been doing this for way longer than video games!


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