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6 Reasons Why You're Losing In Warzone

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6 Reasons why you might be losing in Warzone
How'd a muppet like you pass selection? – Cpt. Price's first words to Soap.

We've put together a Warzone guide on why you might be losing. These are common mistakes and they reliably hold teams back from winning matches. Don't let yourself get caught doing any of them – start playing like a real contender. 

Between the fierce competition and the cheaters, Warzone is tough. Lots of people try it out because it's free–to–play and lots of people delete the game after one frustrating night. Don't let that be you. You can improve so much if you remember these tips. So let's get started. 


Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 6. Going Overkill With The First Crate 

Don't go for Overkill if your loadout is from the first free crate. If you've been able to buy your own loadout before the first circle closes, then that's different. If you're using the free crate that drops though, go for Ghost instead of Overkill. New players have a tendency to follow the pros and the streamers, guys who will always go Overkill to open up, but those are pro players. They don't need the advantage going into a fight, they can drop one, two, or even three enemies without breaking a sweat. Most players cannot play like that. Remembering the difference between pros who dictate the meta and your own ability is going to do a lot to help you stop losing in Warzone

Without Ghost, you'll be showing up on radar when a UAV is active. Not to mention heartbeat sensors. This is going to put you at a huge disadvantage going into fights, and you might need to take two or three engagements before you can get the next crate. There's already great loot if you want a secondary weapon anyway, so go with one of them instead. The advantage two primaries will give an ordinary player is minimal. 

Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 5. Chasing The Pro Meta 

Coming off the back of the last tip, I think it's good to address this problem and restate it for emphasis: the pros dictate the meta, to stop losing in Warzone remember that you are not one of them. They have some fantastic advice, but the way they play just opens up more options for them than the general player base. A perfect example is 'TFUE's God RAM–7 build'; the RAM–7 has a fantastic TTK, but it's hard to control. For someone without pro-level aim, it might be better to take a Grau or an M4 instead for the easier to handle recoil. 

We do a ton of guides to help our readers get the advantage in Warzone, so consider signing up to MyEarlyGame today to get a personalized experience, and to make sure you and your squad can come out ahead with tips like these: 

Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 4. Making It Easy For Snipers

This is so simple, but so easily forgotten - never appear in the same place twice. If a sniper pings you, or you ping them, then rotate to a different position for the next shot. This is so basic, but it will guarantee you stop losing as much to snipers in Warzone

To deal with snipers if you're a squad just starting out in Warzone, we suggest you actually have a squadmate run support. They can provide enough covering fire to move out to a new area, and that's all you're going to want to do until you've got your own sniping ability up enough to counter directly. 

Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 3. Terrible Drops 

The fastest way to lose Warzone is with a terrible drop. It's that simple. Plan where you are going instead, aim for somewhere quiet, with few bounties (aggressive teams will land on these), and stick together. A random farmhouse in Verdansk is going to give you enough to get fighting. 

The loot rate in Warzone is very generous, so don't kill yourself for a couple of extra crates. In fact, just check out this article for good location:

Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 2. Not Aiming For The Head 

Some of you will be annoyed by this one. Don't worry, I know that's obvious. But players forget. Call of Duty is intense - the muzzle flash on some weapons is enough to make you jump and with the constant sound of gunfire and controller vibration, people panic. They just aim for the center of mass and spray and pray. To stop losing in Warzone, actively think about aiming for the head. Especially on controllers with the help of aim–assist. 

The headshot multiplier is well worth it when you're downing someone with three plates, exponentially more than normal multiplayer, where the difference between killing with headshots and torso shots is maybe 1 or 2 rounds. In Warzone, the difference is closer to 4 or 5 on average.  

Reason Why You're Losing In Warzone - 1. Over–Aggression 

This is easily the most common mistake in Warzone - pushing everything will get you killed. Getting kills does almost nothing for you during the majority of Warzone, so if you want to win, cut out the needless engagements. You should know when you have the advantage and push then, but you need to be so disciplined with this. The easiest way people lose in Warzone is from over aggression. And as a final tip to add to this point, it takes about 4 seconds for someone to plate up to the max - if it takes that long for you to push on them, then you can't guarantee they're still one–shot. 

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Get on these tips, get your squad together this eve, and start winning matches. If the guide helps net you some wins then we really want to know, so talk to us - on Facebook or Twitter. And don't forget, if you want more articles like this, and you want to keep up to speed with all the latest news and the hottest leaks then join MyEarlyGame today!