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This 80-round pistol is insanely OP

Leaked Warzone Skyov Pistol Is 80 Rounds of OP

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This insanely OP pistol could be a big problem for Warzone, if introduced... (Credit: Activision / RestlessGoats via Reddit)

A new automatic pistol has surfaced in Call of Duty: Warzone which can reportedly be attached with an 80-round magazine. The leak originated from data miners and can be found in the game files, but now has actually made an appearance in the game, proving just as over-powered as expected.

Well, well, well... who thought this was a good idea? Of course, a pistol with an 80-round magazine is going to be over-powered, what was Raven Software thinking? Well, back in December, the Skyov was discovered in Modern Warfare’s game files, and has now made an appearance in a viral video from Reddit user RestlessGoats.

I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder from CODWarzone

Absolute insanity! This thing fires super-fast, and seems to have very little recoil. Other videos are starting to surface across the internet, showing players slaying multiple opponents in insanely short amounts of time...with a f**king pistol! Look, don't get us wrong, Pistols can be bloody fantastic, but not this fantastic!

Like seriously, it might not be clear whether the fact that it has appeared in Plunder mode is significant in any way, but right now it certainly seems like a bad idea to release this weapon. This is especially true if it is left as it is. ModernWarzone broke down a potential meta build on Twitter, and boy oh boy, it could be insane...

We certainly agree with them when they say “this thing is going to be busted when it releases", like holy s**t! Perhaps there could be a plan to drop more content into Modern Warfare, and thus into Warzone, and this would certainly be welcome – the former game has had no support since BOCW dropped.

But no matter what, this weapon is OP as f**k, and could be a lot of fun... to use. But certainly not to be on the opposite side of. For goodness's sake, have they not learned their lesson from the DMR 14, or dare I say it, the die-a-lotti? There are tweaks that could come to the Skyov that would make it less OP, but... that magazine size is the most important thing that needs to come down.

facepalm collection

Anyway, for now we are just enjoying all of the funny and crazy shit that is coming out of this leak. Seriously, some of these videos are wild... With all the problems that Warzone has suffered, as well as Black Ops Cold War, releasing a gun like this would absolutely shatter any hope we have to one day play a not-broken Warzone.


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