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How To Unlock the Venom Dart in Warzone

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One of the newest and best additions in Warzone Season 2 is the Venom Dart Blueprint for the LC10 SMG, otherwise known as the Poison Dart! With Warzone Season 2 reaching its mid-way point, it will be soon time to take on even more zombies, so here is how to unlock the Venom Dart in Warzone.

The thing about the Venom Dart is that it is not only powerful (it is an LC10, after all), but also super f**king beautiful. Why is this gun so damn good looking? This is absolutely insane. Shocked, we tell you, shocked!

How To Unlock the Venom Dart in Warzone

To unlock the Venom Dart blueprint in Warzone, all you have to do is simply reach Tier 100 in the Season 2 Battle Pass. As of now, there is no blueprint called Venom Dart in the Warzone Arsenal, and thus the only way is to get it is via the Battle Pass, and for the LC10. 

Pretty bloody straight-forward, if you ask us!

How Is the Venom Dart in Warzone?

The Venom Dart is an excellent mid-range weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone. Keep in mind, of course, that it is more-or-less just an LC10. That means low recoil and decent damage. Check out our setup guide for the LC10 for a full picture:

This bad boy is a stylish and powerful addition to your arsenal, as you would expect from most Tier 100 weapons and blueprints! Keep in mind that it is an absolute powerhouse on Rebirth Island especially... have fun, brothers and sisters of Verdansk.


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