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The CX-9 SMG seems pretty fabulous...

Unlock the Serac SMG Blueprint in Warzone

Call of Duty
warzone serac blueprint
The Serac CX-9 is really the talk of Warzone's town! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone is abuzz with talk about the new Serac SMG. It's no surprise — with that fire rate, it tears through enemies with great speed. What's more, the element of mystery that this gun has generated makes people increasingly curious about how they can get their hands on the CX-9.

There are three elements to the Serac Blueprint, all of which are vital for understanding the Serac's role in Warzone. Right now, that role is curiosity, and how can you fulfil curiosity? Answers! Well, we've got a treat for you: here are some answers...

How to Unlock the Serac CX-9 in Warzone

Unlock the Serac CX-9 with the Blueprint

Possibly the easiest way to get your hands on this bad-boy. Find the Blueprint during a match. They are found in crates, but can be quite rare. This brings up probably the most obvious problem with this method: you will have to open a s**t ton of crates before you will find the damn thing... That's okay, though, because it's bloody great once you have your hands on one!

soap modern warfare
Perhaps the Serac CX-9 will soap up Soap's gears... that was disgusting, sorry. (Credit: Activision)

Unlock the Serac CX-9 With the Soap Operator Bundle

Well, this method is only for those who have a little bit of patience. That patience is required because the Soap Operator Bundle is not out yet! However, the gun is included in the bloody thing, and it is rumored that it could be dropping at some point in March! Let's cross our fingers...

Unlock the Serac CX-9 with the Modern Warfare Challenge

A bit more difficult, and you have to have Modern Warfare, but people started unlocking the gun in the 2019 game back in December 2020. Keep in mind that if you go via this method, you will be unlocking the base weapon, not the blueprint. The bigger problem, though, is that it does not unlock the Serac CX-9 in the main game, only giving you the ability to test it out against bots in survival mode.

So, to summarize? It's a bit of a difficult bugger! We put the first option up the top of the list for a reason, though. The best and pretty much only way to play Warzone with the Serac right now is to find that delicious blueprint. If you do, you'll be super happy, if you don't, you will just have to keep looking. Enjoy that...


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