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How to unlock, what's the best loadout, and why is the Sykov Pistol so OP?

How to Unlock OP New Sykov Pistol in Warzone & Modern Warfare

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new sykov pistol warzone
The Sykov has finally been added to Warzone, and it is just as OP as we expected! (Credit: Activision)

After months of rumors, leaks, and surprise appearances, the Sykov Pistol is finally in Warzone and Modern Warfare, and it is as over-powered as we expected. How can you unlock the new Sykov Pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare, and what is the ultimate loadout to make the most of this OP killing machine?

In the surprise April 15 update, Raven Software finally added the fully-automatic Sykov Pistol to both Warzone and Modern Warfare. Players have been keen to get their hands on this over-powered handgun since players found the Sykov Pistol in Plunder. Now, it's time to take a look at it in detail...

How to Unlock the Sykov in Warzone & Modern Warfare

To get the Sykov Pistol in Modern Warfare and Warzone, all you need to do is get four pistol kills in five separate matches. So that means four pistol kills in the first match, four in the next, and so on. Sounds simple? Well, yeah, it is actually pretty simple. The reward? An OP Warzone weapon. Pretty nice.

Now, in Warzone, that might take a bit of time. Thus, if you own Modern Warfare, then perhaps that is the best place to start. Jump into a few quick matches, shoot the hell out of a few humans (with a pistol, of course), and absolutely shred with the new Sykov Pistol! Just keep in mind that you must finish the match for it to count towards your five matches.

warzone how to unlock new sykov pistol
Four pistol kills in five games, that's all it takes to unlock the new Sykov Pistol in Modern Warfare and Warzone! (Credit: Activision)

Why is the New Sykov Pistol so Overpowered in Warzone & Modern Warfare?

The Sykov Pistol is a fully-automatic pistol, with an 80-round magazine, and the option to dual wield. That's why it's so OP. There's not really much more to say. If you can akimbo an 80-round fully-auto pistol, then you're gonna be a bloody powerhouse. We have been concerned about the Sykov Pistol ever since it leaked a few months ago, and now that it's here, our suspicions have been confirmed. It's not balanced, and it's not fun to be on the receiving end of the Sykov Pistol. Everyone was talking about this... how was it not fixed before release?

You want to see the new Sykov Pistol in action? Well, here you are...

What is the Best Sykov Pistol Loadout in Warzone & Modern Warfare?

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: Sorokin 140mm Auto
  • Magazine: 80 Round Drum
  • Perk: Akimbo

These attachments will turn the new Sykov Pistol into a mean OP killing machine in both Warzone and Modern Warfare. Especially the 80 Round Drum Mag and Akimbo Perk, with these two alone you will be unstoppable. Oh, and completely unbalanced. This is nuts, Raven Software. It is insanely fun for the person using the Sykov Pistol. Everyone else? We're gonna go cry now...


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