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Well, we better Diver into this error code.

How to Fix Warzone Diver Error Code 6

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warzone error code 6 diver
Well, we better take a look at the Warzone Diver Error Code 6. Sorry about the terrible thumbnail. (Credit: Activision)

Warzone is known for its bugs and glitches, and recently, the notorious Diver Error, otherwise known as Error Code 6. We take a look at the Diver Error, what it is, and how you can fix it to jump straight back into Warzone as quickly as possible. Let's not waste any more time, it's time to Diver on in...

We apologize for the many bad jokes you will have to witness in this article. Contrary to what you may believe, the Diver Error is no laughing matter. It is breaking many people's games, it is causing a tremendous amount of hardship, and it is bringing multiple tears to our eyes. Let's take a look.

What is the Warzone Diver Error Code 6? 

Warzone experiences the Diver Error, or Error Code 6, when a download has failed to properly complete. The game will display the error, and won't work as intended. When this happens, don't you fear. EarlyGame is here. That was a nice rhyme now, wasn't it?

The Diver Error Code pops up on your screen in the form of an on-screen message, and whilst it may be tempting to punch your television or computer screens, we ask that you refrain. Yet again, we've got you.

How To Fix the Warzone Diver Error Code

  • First, quit the game completely, not just to sleep, but actually shutdown.
  • You need to reset your internet modem / router.
  • Allow your router to reboot, this may take around three to five minutes.
  • After resetting your modem / router, it should work again.

What if it still doesn't work?

  • Reinstall your game from scratch, including all updates.
  • Connect your console or PC via a different network, or via a LAN ethernet connection.
  • Do a factory reset of your modem.
  • Pray to our lord and savior, Raven Software, to fix the bloody problem.

Well, folks, there you have it: how to fix Warzone Diver Error Code 6. It has been known to mainly be caused by problems with your internet router, and thus these fixes mainly focus on modem-related solutions. They do sometimes work, but as usual, not always. Considering this, be patient, and try contacting Raven Software and Activision.


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