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Let's fix Mauer Der Toten...

How To Fix Mauer Der Toten Broken Map Texture Glitch in BOCW Zombies Season 4: Reloaded

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Is Mauer Der Toten not working for you? Let's give it a fix! | © Activision

BOCW Season 4: Reloaded did not just bring Mauer Der Toten to Zombies, but also a plethora of bugs. The Mauer Der Toten broken map glitch has made the mode unplayable for players, and many are searching for a solution. Here is how to fix the Mauer Der Toten map texture glitch for BOCW Zombies Season 4: Reloaded!

Hang on, didn't Mauer Der Toten only just launch? Isn't it brand new? How can it already be broken? Well, guys, remember that when a mode or a map or whatever is new, there are often rough edges to iron out. You should, admittedly, make sure that what you're releasing isn't just completely broken, but here we are. Mauer Der Toten is broken. Here is how to fix the Mauer Der Toten broken map textures glitch...

The Mauer Der Toten broken map glitch isn't the only thing you need to worry about in Season 4: Reloaded. Here's the latest in CoD bugs and glitches...

What is the Mauer Der Toten Broken Map Textures Glitch?

Mauer Der Toten has an enormous texture bug that has made it nigh-on unplayable for Xbox Series X players, as textures simply don't load in. The glitch causes entire areas of the map to not appear, creating huge player-clipping issues, amongst other [freaking obvious] problems. Despite being aware of the glitch, Treyarch have not fixed the problem yet – but there are a number of temporary solutions and workarounds that you can check out.

How to fix the Mauer Der Toten Broken Map Textures Glitch

  • Either download the unenhanced version of the game onto an external hard drive, or delete the HD Texture packs on your console.
  • Additionally, some players are finding that if they wait in the menu for a long period of time, then this gives the game enough time to load in the textures. This solution is less than optimal.
  • For Juukez, the YouTuber from the video above, simply jumping into the settings and turning down your FOV worked. He also switched on Ray Tracing.
  • Also try the usual troubleshooting methods:
    • Turn the game off and on again, including totally shutting down your system.
    • Reinstall the game.
    • Set all settings to default.

There is, as we previously mentioned, no set fix for the Mauer Der Toten Broken Map Texture Glitch. It has been acknowledged by Treyarch, and thus will be fixed very soon. In the meantime, maybe play different game modes, or drop into a match of Warzone instead. Mauer Der Toten is great, so it is a shame – but what can you do, hey?

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