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One of Vanguard's first error codes

How to Fix Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Duhok-Rilea

Call of Duty
Duhok Rilea
How can you fix Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard has now had its initial playtesting and the first error codes are coming out of the woodwork. One of the most common our readers have reported is the Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea. So, let's take a look at how to fix Call of Duty: Vanguard's Error Code Duhok-Rilea.

A decent number of playtesters experienced this particular problem through the alpha and beta, and due to the nature of the error code, we expect it to be in the final release too. Thus, here's how to fix Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea.

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What is CoD Vanguard's Error Code Duhok-Rilea?

Call of Duty: Vanguard's Error Code Duhok-Rilea is an error that appears when there are problems connecting to your Activision account. This could be caused either by internet connectivity issues on the player's part or by server issues on Activision's end. The Duhok Rilea Error occurred for a number of players during the Vanguard beta, and we're fairly sure it's coming back in the full release. 

Keep in mind that these CoD Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea fixes will not work for everyone, and are based on the presumption that the error is being caused by the player's internet connection. These fixes are also liable to change once the main game has launched in November.

How to Fix CoD Vanguard's Error Code Duhok-Rilea

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Power cycle your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.
    • To Power Cycle an Xbox:
      • Press and hold the Xbox Power Button for 10 seconds.
      • After the console is completely turned off, pull out the power cable.
      • Wait a moment and plug the cable back in.
      • Restart the Xbox.
    • To Power Cycle a PlayStation:
      • Hold down the PlayStation Power Button until you hear two beeps.
      • Unplug the console power cord.
      • Wait 10 seconds, and then plug the console back in.
      • Restart the PlayStation.
  • Reboot your router by unplugging it, plugging it back in again, and waiting five minutes.
  • Complete a factory reset of your router. Do this by using the small hole generally found on the back of the modem.
  • Try reinstalling Call of Duty: Vanguard from scratch. Make sure you delete all background data, save files, cache, and update data before reinstalling.
  • Connect your PC or console to the internet via a different network, or via a LAN cable, to determine if it is your local network, or the WiFi receiver itself, respectively.
  • If it turns out to be a problem with the CoD: Vanguard servers, pray to our lord and savior, Sledgehammer Games, to fix their bloody game.

We hope that this at least helps a little. It might seem a little weird for us to pre-emptively present a solution for the Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea, but trust us – it's worth it!

We will continue to update this article as more information becomes available about the CoD Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea. Once the game has launched, more solutions will likely become known and available.

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