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Want to make your friends happy? You can, if you enable 2FA for BOCW & Warzone

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For BOCW & Warzone

Call of Duty
How To Enable 2FA in Warzone & BOCW Season 4
Want to give your friend a gift in BOCW or Warzone? You can, with Two-Factor Authentication. | © Activision

You’ve probably heard of 2FA, as it’s often used for security purposes. But have you heard of Two-Factor-Authentication for gifting purposes? If not, get ready, because BOCW & Warzone will let you send gifts to your friends via 2FA.

You think Warzone Season 4 is only good for patch notes and nailing an enemy to a wall? Nah, it’s not always about buffs or kills. Sometimes, it’s about the nice things in life. You know… like gifting your friend a buffed gun that he can get some kills with.

You can now do that with the 2FA, the Two-Factor-Authentication. That lets you gift both the Battlepass and bundles to friends. But it’s not just them that will receive something, if you gift something between June 17h and June 30th, then you’ll get a 60-minute Double Battle Pass XP Token! Great, huh? Well, only for BOCW players. Sorry, Warzone players. You’re always the favorite child, but not this time.

Are you up to speed about Warzone Season 4? There's so much new stuff like the Red Doors or the Satellite Crash Sites that we've talked about before that you should definitely check out.

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Warzone?

  • Go to the Two-Factor Authentication page
  • Click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication
  • Log in with your CoD account
  • Download Google Authenticator (for your phone)
  • In the Google Authenticator app, click on the plus in the top left corner to scan the QR code on the Two-Factor Authentication page
  • Type in the code you get from Google Authenticator

And there you have it, all done, now you can start gifting your friends cool stuff.

Right now, 2FA only works for BOCW, but later in the season, Two-Factor Authentication will be made available for Warzone as well.

Until then, happy gifting.

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