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Are you wheeling around like a mad-man? Well you should be!

How to Do Wheelies on Warzone Dirt Bikes

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You can finally do Wheelies in Warzone! Here's how... | © Activision

You can now do Wheelies in Warzone, according to the Season 4: Reloaded patch notes. The ability to do wheelies on the in-game Dirt Bikes in Warzone has got players very excited, indeed. Here's how to do wheelies in Warzone!

Yes, you read the headline correctly! Indeed: you can now do wheelies on the Dirt Bikes in Warzone! Curtesy of the Warzone Season 4: Reloaded patch notes, we now have the ability to do one of the coolest tricks you can do on a motorbike. This begs a few questions, though: how can you do wheelies in Warzone? Oh, and why would you do wheelies in Warzone?

How are you enjoying Season 4: Reloaded? We're really digging it! Here's everything you need to know thus-far...

How to Do Wheelies in Warzone

To do wheelies on the in-game Dirt Bikes in Warzone, you need to lean back on the bike, lifting the front wheel into the air. You can check the controls for how to lean back on the Dirt Bike in the options menu, as it's different depending on whether you are playing with a controller, or a mouse and keyboard. Keep in mind that whilst leaning backwards and initiating a wheelie on a Warzone Dirt Bike, you have very little control of the vehicle – so be careful!

Check out the advice on how to do a wheelie on a Dirt Bike in Warzone, straight from the Season 4: Reloaded Patch Notes...

Wheelies! Lean back to lift the Dirt Bike and initiate a wheelie. Lean forward to increase steering sensitivity, and allow the Dirt Bike to perform sharper turns. The Dirt Bike now supports leaning forward and backward in the air as well, so make sure to position yourself for that perfect landing.

Now, we can assure you, wheelies on the Warzone Dirt Bikes are pretty freaking fantastic. They might not be the most practical of moves, but they're certainly going to draw you some pretty fabulous attention!

Why Should You Do Wheelies in Warzone?

There is no competitive advantage to doing a wheelie on the Warzone Dirt Bikes – in fact, it makes it much harder to steer! The benefit, however, is that wheelies are awesome, and everybody should be doing them. Especially in video games, where the price of falling off is not too bad. Let's be real: wheelies are fun, they look cool, and you should try them out in Warzone now that they are available. If you don't... that's okay, it's your choice. 

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