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How To Become a Zombie in Warzone

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The Zombie contagion has spread, and now there's a new threat - Radiation. (Credit: Activision)

With new Radiation Zones appearing across the south of Verdansk, around the Shipwreck and Prison, players are finding themselves respawning as Zombies. The strange phenomenon is deeply troubling, as the Warzone Nuke Event slowly gets closer. Despite this, many Warzone players are now asking: how do I turn into a Zombie in Warzone?

Verdansk is now more or less completely overrun with Zombies, with a new Containment Protocol declaring the 100% of the Warzone map is contaminated. Along with this, we have seen a major Radiation Zone appear near the Shipwreck and the Prison. Oh dear, now that's inconvenient!

The Shipwreck and the Prison were the first two Warzone locations to be infected with the Zombie contagion. Over the last few weeks, the Warzone Zombies have spread across the continent, and now we are very concerned that the outbreak is going to create a problem only a Nuke Event can solve.

Now, it looks like players are becoming Zombies. Sounds like a problem? Yep, that means that we could be the super-spreaders! If that becomes the case, the Nuke Event becomes inevitable, and Verdansk may be going up in radioactive smoke... That doesn't sound like fun.

How Do I Become a Zombie in Warzone?

To become a Zombie, players must die in the new Radiation Zone. That means you need to head into the nuclear radiation zones, get contaminated and eventually die. The thing is, when the radiation kills you, you respawn as a Zombie, and can then play as that Zombie, eating the brains of your opponents.

This was all discovered by YouTube Jackfrags, who respawned as a Zombie after dying in the fog. We guess that he didn't follow the safety precautions Activision suggests in the latest Containment Protocol. A bit silly, if you ask us. Safety first, dude, safety first.

It looks like Verdansk's time is up, and this latest escalation in Warzone Zombie contamination is the final nail in the metaphysical coffin. It looks like we will be getting that Nuke Event, and a new Warzone map on April 21, at about 12PM PT. Have fun with it!


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