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Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle: Pelington 703 Blueprint & Ghost Operator

Call of Duty
Hellscream mastercraft Bundle
The new Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle brings some cool new content! (Credit: Treyarch)

A new Mastercraft Bundle is available in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle brings the Mortal Anguish blueprint for the Pelington 703, as well as the sinister Ghost skin for Operator Portnova. Contents, prices, etc., we have all the info right here...

The Mastercraft Bundle includes some cool weapon skins and other cosmetics. The rarely released bundles offer especially elaborately designed blueprints for selected weapons, which often also contain moving or interactive elements, and have their own animations.

With the Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle, all snipers now have the opportunity to use an extremely cool weapon.

What does the Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle Include?

  • Mortal Anguish (Blueprint for the Pelington 703)
  • Brutalizer (Blueprint for the Streetsweeper)
  • Ghost (Operator-Skin for Portnova)
  • Pin Cushion (Weapon Pendant)
  • Hyperscream (Clock)
  • Organic (Horn)
  • Chain Snapper (Calling Card)
  • Tortured Soul (Emblem)
  • Broken Link (Sticker)
  • Antagonizer (Vehicle Skin BOCW Exclusive)
Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle
Here are all the contents of the Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle. The BOCW exclusive vehicle skin is not listed here. (Credit: cod.tracker.gg)

The new Ghost Operator Skin looks very dark, and gives Portnova some piercings on her face, as well as lots of studs on her clothes. Fittingly, the Brutalizer Blueprint is also completely covered in spikes. The coolest thing about the Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle, however, is definitely the Mortal Anguish Blueprint for the Pelington 703, which not only looks incredibly good, but also has a damn cool animation when inspecting the weapon:

How Do I Get the Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle?

The Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle is available in both the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone store for 2400 CoD Points each. All content can be found in your loadout after purchase, and can be equipped or customized as desired.


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