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And suprise, suprise - they won the match

Hackers Show Off Unreleased Warzone Skins Ahead Of The Zombies Halloween Event 2.0

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Hackers have gone to new heights. At least two of them have found a way to use unreleased skins that are in the Warzone game files. A user on Reddit shared photos of the happy couple as they evac'd out of another cheap win in Verdansk. Now we've seen hackers before - but these skins are special, these skins are Halloween skins... 

We've known for quite a while that Halloween was going to be a big event in Warzone this year. It's the final event for Verdansk before we see it off for good, and welcome in the next chapter of Warzone with the new Pacific map. 

What better way could there be for Raven to say goodbye to Verdansk than by bringing back one of the most beloved events in Warzone's history? Indeed, as exciting as these skins are, it's what they confirm about the return of zombies to Warzone that will get people's attention. 

Scarecrow & Judge Dredd - The Halloween Skins 

Scarecrow (below) is a skin for Halloween, that will probably be available on that weekend, while Judge Dredd (above) might be due even sooner. These skins are some of the most visually distinctive we've ever seen. Especially Judge Dredd - who looks like the easiest to spot Operator we've had since 'Red-Tracksuit Yegor'. 

As skins become ever more ridiculous, they're likely to get some kickback. But that boat has sailed, so why not have a cartoonishly almost-drawn skin for Judge Dredd? 

Scarecrow Skin Warzone Halloween Hackers
Jigsaw was better | © Activision Blizzard

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Warzone's Halloween Zombies Event 2.0 

On Halloween this year we will be getting another zombies event in Verdansk, the skin above is one of the two 'horror skins' that celebrate the zombie's event, just as with last year's Leatherface and Jigsaw. This is a perfect way to see out Verdansk before the next chapter, and honestly, you could've predicted they would do this, but it has also been confirmed by leakers: 

There you go folks, we're actually getting it - we're getting zombies in Verdansk 2.0. Last year this was probably the absolute peak of Warzone, so we can only hope for the same excitement again. 

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