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Here we go again...

'God-Mode' Invincibility Glitch Discovered In Warzone

Call of Duty
God-Mode Glitch
Run for your damn life son. | © Activision Blizzard

Reports have emerged only a few days into Warzone Season 4: Reloaded of a 'God-Mode' glitch that makes players invincible. The news comes just a few short days after hearing about another ban wave - clearly, it wasn't enough. We've got all details on the invincible 'God-Mode' glitch and Activision Blizzard's response below.

I was writing about an invisibility glitch just a few days ago. How unfortunate that I'm already writing about another one. But this is Warzone; if you've been playing for any amount of time you're used to it - people want to cheat, and they will find a way. So here's a quick rundown on what this glitch will look like, so you can leave the lobby when you see it. 

Note: If you're a PlayStation user you can avoid a vast majority of cheating and glitching if you disable crossplay. Just navigate to Account Settings and turn Crossplay to Disabled. 

How Does The Invincibility 'God-Mode' Glitch Work?

Ha! You thought it would be so easy. No, we aren't going to help your dastardly schemes and tell you how to do the glitch yourself. But we can tell you the effect. It makes players completely impervious to damage, as the name suggests. Needless to say, it's infuriating to come up against, and there's not much we can suggest by way of counters. Just run.

Thankfully this was brought to our attention as quickly as it was by Redditor u/Aldosarii:

If you think that you saw all kinds of cheats. Nope, you didn't. from CODWarzone

Honestly, it makes you mad on their behalf. There's really nothing you can do if you come up against this one. Just pray for a better lobby next time. 

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When Will The Invincibility 'God-Mode' Glitch Be Patched?

At the time of writing, July 19, Raven Software have not commented on the invincibility glitch. But this is embarrassing, and they are likely to know where the problem stems from on their end. We'll keep you updated on when they plan to implement a patch for the glitch - presumably in a matter of days and not weeks.

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