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Season 2 Cinematic Trailer is out. Release Date!

FREE Update: Call of Duty BOCW & Warzone Season 2

Call of Duty

Finally we got the news. Call of Duty BOCW & Warzone Season 2 is coming with a free content update on 25th of February.

The new trailer is showing off a huge new arsenal of weapons. Clearly the crossbow in the trailer seems a bit outdated but we are sure Treyarch will equip it with some magic. Another soldier is showing off a weapon that looks like a Galil. Not to forget the minigun...

Fair fight: crossbow vs. minigun.

Whilst Treyarch has not given us much information up until now, the new trailer also got us speculating about some fancy looking new operators. Oh hell, we don't want to mess with Naga.

Of course we are not 100% certain that all this will be added to Season 2 but we should have a better picture in the near future as we expect another release about Season 2 next week.

More speculation: What about Call of Duty Guerilla?

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