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Dr Disrespect is angry again, what a surprise...

Dr Disrespect: This is Why Warzone is Unplayable

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Dr Disrespect has a big problem with the lighting in Warzone Season 3! (Credit: Activision / Dr Disrespect)

Dr Disrespect has expressed anger over the lighting in Warzone Season 3, particularly the new Gulag, and particularly when players use the Roze Skin. The Warzone Roze Skin seems to still be insanely overpowered, and when combined with the bad lighting, Dr Disrespect is frustrated with how invisible players seem to have become. He even goes as far as claiming that it makes Warzone unplayable!

It's not that unusual to hear the words "Dr Disrespect is upset" followed by some crazy thing that has happened in Warzone. Thus, when he utters those words, it seems unlikely that they will be followed by anything of much substance. This time, though, Dr Disrespect is complaining about something that is long overdue for change: Warzone is unplayable due to the Roze Skin, and that terrible Warzone Season 3 lighting.

Seriously, Dr Disrespect is so unhappy about Warzone that about a month ago he deleted the bloody game!

The YouTube clip in question starts with good ol' Dr Disrespect raging about the lighting in the Warzone Season 3 Gulag, making the point that combined with the Roze Skin, players are completely bloody invisible! This ain't okay, this really ain't okay, we ain't okay with this either. Take a look...

Why Does Dr Disrespect Think Warzone is Unplayable?

Dr Disrespect is concerned because the lighting in Warzone Season 3 draws intense shadows over players, making them basically invisible. This is especially intense when those same players are using the already-OP Roze Skin.

In the above video, Dr Disrespect shows that he repeatedly loses Warzone matches against players he cannot see, despite them being right in front of him. Doesn't that seem a little unfair? Well, yeah, it is. We're glad that Dr Disrespect is pointing this out, because holy cow, this is a massive problem.

Has the Roze Skin Been Nerfed?

The Roze Skin keeps getting "nerfed", but is still a massive problem in Warzone. The problem is that the Roze Skin is paid content, so there is only so much that Raven Software and Activision can do to nerf it without changing the item so much that players demand refunds.

Dr Disrespect makes a really important point here. There are many problems with Warzone Season 3, but if players cannot even be seen due to the Roze Skin and poor lighting, then this breaks the game entirely. What he shows in this video is exactly that: Warzone has become completely and utterly unplayable!


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