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Just a new Doc rant, that's all

Dr Disrespect Hates Stream Snipers More Than Hackers

Call of Duty
Dr Disrespect vs. Warzone stream sniper
Dr Disrespect could not contain himself when encountered with a Warzone stream sniper. | © Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is not a fan of stream snipers. That in itself is not news. No one likes a stream sniper, so Doc's no exception there. He did have something to say to one particular culprit, though, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

One of the main reasons to watch a Dr Disrespect stream is that you can become an observer of one of his trademark rants at any given time. Those watching Doc a couple of days ago stumbled upon one of those hilarious verbal explosions that actually tackled a very real problem for most famous streamers - stream snipers.

Dr Disrespect Rates Stream Snipers Lower Than Hackers

If you ask a regular gamer at home what's the most annoying part of playing online, the answer would almost certainly be "hackers". When you are a streamer, you have other pests to deal with as well. According to Dr Disrespect: a much worse species.

During one of his regular Call of Duty: Warzone streams, Dr Disrespect was ambushed a couple of times by the same player. When the dude went back-to-back against the Doctor, the latter felt he needs to deliver the remedy: a good ol' rant.

The approach is what you would expect from Doc: name-calling and raw anger. That's the part where we just leave it to "you either love it or you hate it". There's a reason he is so divisive.

Whatever you may think of the method, the message is one you can't really argue against. Stalking a content creator just to mess with them may be funny to you and the pals, but it's frustrating for the creator and his or her entire fanbase. Not to mention, this is a streamer's livelihood that's being tackled. Not cool.

As regular gamers though, we must say that classing stream snipers as worse than hackers is a stance we simply can't stand behind. Sorry, Doc.

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