This could make Warzone even more exciting!

Dr DisRespect Has a Great Idea for CoD: Warzone!

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Dr Disrespect Warzone

Dr Disrespect has an exciting new idea for Warzone! (Image Credit: Activision/Dr Disrespect)

Dr DisRespect is one of the top streamers for CoD: Warzone. Accordingly, when he reveals interesting ideas for Warzone as he did recently, we listen with care.

In one of his latest CoD: Warzone live streams, the infamous streamer Dr DisRespect had and voiced a "multi-million dollar" idea for Warzone. This one immediately sounds very exciting and interesting.

What's Dr DisRespect's idea for CoD: Warzone, you are wondering? The ability to be able to buy a gulag! Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? The good doc immediately mentions a possible price of "20K", which is $20,000 for this goodie.

The idea of being able to buy a chance to revive in the gulag sounds really exciting! This would probably make the matches a bit longer, but it would definitely add more excitement to CoD: Warzone!

What do you think of Dr DisRespect's idea? Good, bad, interesting, or complete garbage? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Faris Delalic.

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