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Die Hard's John McClane Is Coming to Warzone

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John McClane - New Warzone Operator
John McClane in the Nakatomi Plaza air vents. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

It looks like John McClane, the gun-toting hero of Die Hard, will be joining Rambo in Verdansk as the next Operator released for Call of Duty: Warzone and BOCW. We've got all the details and more, so let's jump into the clues that Activision have been dropping on their twitter. 

Continuing the current season's '80's action movie' theme, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has been sending out a series of cryptic tweets that hint at big-name movie characters from that era. They will probably release these characters as playable operators in Warzone and BOCW, in the way they have with Jigsaw and Leatherface previously. No doubt, Rambo and John McClane will come with some new weapon skins and other cosmetics too. 


Die Hard's John McClane Revealed 

Die Hard's John McClane was revealed as an upcoming operator in this tweet: 

If you haven't seen Die HardBruce Willis' character John McClane famously crawls through the air vents of Nakatomi Plaza to sneak past terrorists that are holding hostages in the building. So 'Nakatomi' duct cleaning should already be a huge hint, but just in case it wasn't clear enough,  Activision added the helpful tag line: 'Say Yippee Ki Yay to dust'. Yippee Ki Yay is the most iconic line from the Die Hard franchise, and something that John McClane shouts before opening fire. So yeah, we are definitely getting John McClane in Call of Duty: Warzone and BOCW

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When Will John McClane Be Released?

John McClane will likely be released alongside Rambo in one of the upcoming Thursday game updates. We can expect them to launch before June 15th, when Season 3 of Warzone ends and Season 4 begins. We can expect them to launch with an in-game event that has some kind of action-movie theme. 

Both Rambo and John McClane are likely to be released in special operator bundles that will come with various other cosmetics - in John McClane's case we should expect an AUG skin, like the one he takes from the terrorists in Die Hard, and for Rambo, we will probably get an LMG skin that models his M60 from First Blood. The bundles will almost certainly be priced at 2,400 CP ($19.99), as other Operator bundles are. 

Will you be getting John McClane? You're going to have to get on the roof of those downtown towers and recreate the film if you do. Let us know what you think of this 80s theme in Call of Duty right now on Twitter or Facebook, or better yet, sign up to EarlyGame and get all the latest and greatest as it happens.