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The fan favorites are struggling!

Call of Duty League Stage 2, Week 2: OpTic Chicago Has Problems

Call of Duty
Call of Duty League OpTic Chicago
Atlanta FaZe, meanwhile, has a comfortable lead. (Credit: Call of Duty League via Twitter)

Call of Duty League Stage 2, Week 2 is now over, and Atlanta FaZe is still on top. What's going on with crowd favorite OpTic Chicago? We have all the results for you!

After the Stage 1 Major, the Call of Duty League continues with Stage 2. This weekend, the Call of Duty League Stage 2, Week 2 was played, and it almost looks like the team around CoD legend Scump is getting their asses kicked.

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Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 Recap

The weekend had a few surprises to offer. Sure, Atlanta FaZe won it all as usual – no surprise there. I mean, dude, these guys have won 11 out of 11 games so far...

What was surprising, however, was the incredibly poor performance of fan-favorite OpTic Chicago. Scump's team lost 3-0 to Minnesota ROKKR on the first day, and again 3-0 to the Florida Mutineers on the last... Ouch!

Florida Mutineers and Minnesota ROCCR are making up some ground after Call of Duty League Stage 2, Week 2, while New York Subliners overtake OpTic to move into third place behind Dallas Empire.

Here we have the complete table for you, with all standings after Stage 2, Week 2:

CDL Stage 2 Week 2 Standings
OpTic Chicago is struggling right now in the Call of Duty League. (Credit: OpTic Chicago via Twitter)

What's Going On With OpTic Chicago?

Good question! OpTic Chicago, formerly the Chicago Huntsmen, is one of the most popular teams in the CDL, and with Dashy, Envoy, FormaL, and Scump, it's also extremely well positioned. However, the team has not yet been able to convince in the Call of Duty League 2021.

Only 7 wins, with 5 losses – these are not stats you would have expected from this lineup. As I said, Atlanta FaZe is 11-0, and Scump seems to be at a bit of a loss himself:

In the community, fans also question whether it might be time to replace some players. Individual extremely good players alone are apparently not enough if they don't harmonize together as a team.


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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.