The Warzone Core Skills Series: Parachuting & Side-Gliding

The Warzone Core Skills Series: Parachuting & Side-Gliding

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In our Warzone Core Skills Series, we're going to go through the essential mechanics you need to begin playing competitively, and today - parachuting & side-gliding.
How to parachute quickly and side-glide in Warzone
You've seen the airport chops - but so have half the lobby. How are you going to get there first? | © Activision Blizzard

You might have been playing since launch, and you might chase the meta like a fiend, but if you're still struggling to push into the top 10, then maybe you need to work on your core skills. Even if you have practiced a lot of these mechanics, you might still learn a thing or two. So, let's get into this week's skill: parachuting & side-gliding.

What's The Fastest Way To Parachute In Warzone?

Obviously, we know you can all parachute, but parachuting quickly is the key - how do you beat everyone else rushing down for the chops? How do you make sure your team can take prison before the others reach it? Well, that depends on the distance, but before we get into that we need to make one change in the settings:

  • Go into "Settings" → "Movement" → "Behaviors" → "Parachute Auto-Deploy"
  • Change the "Parachute Auto-Deploy" setting from Enabled to Disabled.

This might take some getting used to, but it means we can wait until the final millisecond before we hit the ground to deploy the parachute. You might not always need to pull your chute anyway, pro-tip: you can tell if the fall will kill you because the "Press to deploy parachute" message will be flashing red.

With our settings properly configured, let's get into how you can be first to reach the ground:

Destination Within 2 Map Square Of The Flight Path

Wait until you are at exactly 680 m from the destination, jump and head directly down onto the point, cutting your chute at the last possible moment.

Destination Between 2-4 Map Squares Away From The Flight Path

  1. Face the direction you need.
  2. Cut your shute and dive forward.
  3. When you reach 45 speed, redeploy the chute, and then cut it immediately.
  4. Repeat this action of free diving to 45 speed, opening the chute, and cutting it again until you reach the point.

Destination 5 Map Square Or More Away From The Flight Path

Pull your parachute quickly and head down gradually. If the destination is more than 6 map squares away, you will probably need to use side-gliding.

Trying to improve your game?

How Do You Side-Glide In Warzone?

To side-glide, you need to deploy your chute, turn 90 degrees away from the destination (so that it's directly to the left or right of the direction you're facing), and then glide to the left or right towards that point. When you glide in a forward direction while parachuting in Warzone you travel at a speed of 10.4, but when you are only gliding in a sideways direction you travel at a speed of 6.6. Therefore, you can preserve your height for longer by side-gliding and reach destinations even further away from the flight path. Pro-tip: this is easiest to achieve if you "hold to free lock" the entire time.

Here's a simple video with a 20-second demonstration of what you're trying to achieve.

This is a great skill to help you reach those far-out locations early in the game. And those are exactly the places you want to hit first if you're playing for placement.

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