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Call of Duty Warzone’s most mysterious bunker houses some of its best loot and secrets

CoD Warzone: The Special Bunker 11 Guide

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With such an unbelievable number of bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone, the search, and raiding of these little b@$tards can become repetitive and, dare we say, a little tedious. With this mysterious entry, there’s a bit of a puzzle to construct, and a tad more nuance, making it certainly the most entertaining of all the bunkers!

There are a few things about Bunker 11 to understand, one is that you’re in for some pretty frightening content, and the Russian. Yes, we mean the language, you know that f**king huge country east of Europe? The ridiculously cold one? Yeah, that one. Their language. Anyway, we’re gonna get to that in a tad, first some context.

Warzone phones unlock Bunker 11
The phones dotted across Warzone's map are the key to unlocking Bunker 11 (Image Credit: Activision)

The 12 bunkers and huts littered across Warzone’s map showcase a variety of excellent loot, some entertaining easter eggs, and mysteries available only to the eyes of those who explore. They open via keycodes, or perhaps via Red Access Cards that you pick up from random loot drops, but Bunker 11 is different, Bunker 11 is special!

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We are sure that throughout your adventures in Verdansk, you have chanced upon at least a couple of the hidden phones and laptops dotted across the map. These interactive items are no longer useless, as the mystery has been solved. Check out this reddit post by u/StrangerRobijn, detailing where the necessary phones are!

I made a Warzone EE bunker guide with all of the current phone locations etc, I hope it helps you! from CODWarzone

The thing about Bunker 11 is that it’s not just mysterious, but it takes a f**king long time to unlock. Ah, Infinity Ward, you like us to work for our loot, don’t you? Try not to be too cocky, though, Cold War is out. Also, what’s with all the Russian? We guess it’s nice to have a puzzle to solve, but in Russian, really?

Yeah, the messages you hear on the phones are all in Russian. If you want to do this properly, you really need someone on your squad who can speak and understand Russian. If not (because not everybody has a gaming buddy who knows Russian), we recommend having a table open on your phone that shows you the Russian pronunciation for the numbers 1-10.

To help you construct that table, here are the numbers and pronunciation:

  • 0: ноль ("nohl")
  • 1: один ("a-deen")
  • 2: два ("dva")
  • 3: три ("tri")
  • 4: четыре ("chye-tir-ye")
  • 5: пять ("pyat")
  • 6: шесть ("shest")
  • 7: семь ("syem")
  • 8: восемь ("vo-syem")
  • 9: девять ("dyev-yat")

So, to explain further, follow these instructions: check out the above Reddit post, and check out the various activation phones on the map (the ones in blue). If you are in a group, you should split up your group to find the right phone as quickly as possible. Once you have found it, you will get a message with the Russian numbers.

Decipher this message, using the above number guide to figure out the phones you need to activate, and in which order. Then it is simple. Write the bloody things down, you need those numbers...

Now, once you have translated the numbers, you can split up the squad and go to each of the numbered phones on the map (again check out the Reddit post, numbers in red). You MUST keep communicating, however, as those phones need to be activated IN ORDER! We recommend using a game mode like Plunder as the lack of a closing zone makes this much easier.

Okay, please activate the phones... We know this takes a while, and we know that it is a pain in the ass, but trust us, it’s bloody worth it!

Warzone has pretty cool explosions
Be careful not to die whilst activating all these phones, it takes ages, and you don't want to have to do it all over again! (Image Credit: Activision)

It’s time to make your way up to the bunker! ABOUT BLOODY TIME! If you have interacted with the phones in the correct order, you will notice that the light above the door is glowing green and when you interact with the keypad at the door, it will open...

For your reference, check out the map below for the bunker location. It is in the far north of the map, in a rather mountainous region. Make sure to look around as it is a pretty beautiful area, and be careful as Bunker 11 is difficult but very popular... you don’t want to die after getting this far!

Bunker 11 is in the North of Verdansk
Bunker 11 is in the north of the map, in a mountainous region! Be careful! (Image Credit: Activision)

You have finally made it to Special Bunker 11! It’s time to explore... LOOT, LOOT and more LOOT is at your fingertips. You and your friends will find a bunch of legendary loot boxes, with tons of fantastic equipment and goodies for you to enjoy. But, there’s more...

This bunker is massive in comparison to the tiny other bunkers littered across Verdansk. It has a large central hub connected to several rooms. If you head to the second door on the right, you will find the Mud Drauber MP7 blueprint! Pretty sweet, this blueprint is not even available for purchase!!

Mud Drauber MP7 from Special Bunker 11
You can find the blueprint to the Mud Drauber MP7 exclusively in Special Bunker 11! Enjoy! (Image Credit: Activision)

Keep searching, though, as there is plenty more to discover! If you keep looking, you will find a hidden tunnel with a big red button! Press it, god dang! An adjacent room will now be visible, and... a nuclear warhead. Just be careful not to press any more big red buttons!!! Do look for the server room, though, to check out the rather frightening countdown and a rebootable curious.

So, collect your loot, grab your blueprint, reboot that computer, and get the f**k out of there! You’d be stupid to stay in a room with a damn nuke. Anyway, you finally made it to Bunker 11, so that’s pretty neat, you should feel proud. Hopefully, that will translate into surviving long enough to enjoy some of that loot you just collected!


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