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It's time to shake, boy, shake!

New Teasers for CoD Warzone Season 2!

Call of Duty

The latest Season 2 teaser to grace Warzone is a weird one – a static buzz and a strange noise in your ears. The teaser is just one of several that have been popping up around Verdansk and Rebirth Island over the last few weeks.

Players are seemingly being hacked in Warzone... but it looks less legit than the CDPR hack! The screen starts stuttering with static screen, and morse code begins beeping into your eardrums. It is rather bizarre, but also pretty cool...

Could this be a teaser for Season 2? It certainly wouldn't be a surprise, considering that Season 2 should be coming in only a few short weeks, and we have not heard anything about it so far. Season 1: Reloaded was a welcome return to form for BOCW, but Warzone still needs some solid treatment before it can return to our good books.

What's super interesting, though, is if you translate the morse code, you actually get the coordinates to Military Base. The thing is, however, Bunker 11 is exactly the same, so what the f**k is going on? We don’t know, but we sure as hell want to find out!

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A couple of other teasers have also graced Warzone recently, though, including this one which is a new cutscene that's unlocked once you have finished the new intel in Warzone.

Oh, and this computer which currently seems to have no function, but shows “ZAI/Activate_Zombies” on the screen. Weird...

Anyhow, these teasers are pretty bloody cool, if you ask us. We are insanely hyped to see what happens next in this nuke storyline, and how Verdansk and Rebirth Island are going to change between seasons. Seriously, if they nail this, perhaps Activision could make Warzone great again!


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